Be welcomed into an aromatherapy filled space, rest on comfy blankets and  be taken on a journey of sound.

To help support, release, heal, cleanse, nourish and de-stress the physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Why a soundbath will help your team and company? Here.

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Start the morning with an accessible but rejuvenating yoga practice.


Breathe easy with a pranayama(breath-work session).


Learn to calm the mind with a mindfulness meditation session.

We can also offer 1-2-1 Sound healing, acupressure bookings.

Finally, Be welcomed into an aromatherapy filled space, rest on comfy blankets and  be taken on a journey of sound.

To help support, release, heal, cleanse, nourish and de-stress the physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual body.

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Let Josephine take you and your team out of the bustle of everyday life, the rush and pressure of work and find your sense of calm - free from judgment and pressure.

Using the magic combination of Energy, Movement and Sound to help you heal, find joy and a deep sense of peace.



First time at a Soundbath? Here's what to expect and why.

You don't need any special clothing or equipment for a sound bath, but you should wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat, blankets, pillow, eye pillow, or other props that will make you comfortable.


"A Soundbath seeks to balance our physical, emotional, and mental systems, restoring a sense of harmony," 


Josephine will guide you through a short meditation to ease us into the space, then she will play a variety of instruments to soothe you and allow you to rest deeply. These include, metal hammered bowls, chimes, crystal bowls, gongs, monochord, voice and tongue drum.

All you have to do is lie back, take a deep breath and let go.



People have been using sound to promote healing for thousands of years. For example, ancient Greek physicians used musical instruments as therapy believing that the instruments' vibrations could aid in digestion, treat mental disturbance, and induce sleep. Meanwhile, ancient Egyptians thought musical incantations healed the sick. We have just taken this ancient form of music medicine and made it accessible.


✨Deepening relaxation

✨Lowering stress and anxiety 

✨Improving mood and well-being

✨Improving sleep

✨Heightening focus and energy

✨A feeling of rejuvenation

So, How does it work?

Now this is a vast topic, but I will try my best to bring in some key points.

✨Binaural beats, using tones that are close in frequency, but not the same, help to synchronise your brainwaves, thus encouraging a Theta state of brainwaves, this is the state you'll find yourself in during a deep meditation or on the cusp of sleep.

✨A few of the chosen instruments may encourage ASMR(A tingling all over the skin and head), scientist believe this is because the brain is telling the person they are cared for and safe.

✨Quantum Physics! We are using vibrations to move the whole of the physical form and baseline energy of the body, this promotes healing, rest, a 'deep massage like' release. Our body holds everything, we don't often give ourselves time to process even day to day things, so the body holds on, it remembers. Sound healing can be exceptionally helpful for those who are suffering from depression, trauma, grief. 

✨Raising your vibration, every walked in to a room and you can FEEL the energy as heavy, perhaps the people, the words being said, the light levels or noise... then think, every wandered into a 'light' place, perhaps the depths of nature, the cool sea, or maybe an outside concert? How it has impacted you. 'raising your vibration' is often mocked as hippy expression, but it is literally what we are doing in a Soundbath or healing. Untying knots, letting go of old feelings, beliefs and energy. Resetting the whole system.

✨Rest. Soundbaths can facilitate a deep state of meditation, that many of us(myself included) might struggle to attain on a day to day basis. In this state, our brainwaves will synchronise to Theta or Delta. This in turn triggers a response from the Vagus nerve and helps the parasympathetic nervous system, digestive system and healing systems kick in.

✨Spiritual connection. For those of us who come from a yoga background or believe beyond the physical realm Sound can be immense transformative, it can support ancestral healing, allow deeper thoughts and ideas to emerge, it also tunes up the Chakra system, something I'm deeply passionate about. If you focus on the sound and let go of the physical world, profound healing and energy work can take place.

✨Neuroscience: Brainwaves. Which brainwaves are you likely to encourage during a session(if you focus on the sound and ecourage the mind to get quiet, and yes, just like meditation, this might take practice!)

DELTA WAVES (.5 TO 3 HZ)Delta brainwaves are slow, loud brainwaves (low frequency and deeply penetrating, like a drum beat). They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.THETA WAVES (3 TO 8 HZ)Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. It is that twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we wake or drift off to sleep. In theta we are in a dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. It’s where we hold our ‘stuff’, our fears, troubled history, and nightmares.ALPHA WAVES (8 TO 12 HZ)Alpha brainwaves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, and in some meditative states. Alpha is ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present. Alpha is the resting state for the brain. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.


🌿Reduce Stress

🌿Improve Sleep

🌿Alleviate physical tension and pain

🌿Deepen spiritual and emotional connection

🌿Synchronise brainwaves

🌿Relieve Anxiety

🌿Improve Spiritual Connection

🌿Ancestral healing

🌿Trauma and PTSD healing

🌿Improve Long Covid Symptoms

🌿Mindfulness Practice

🌿ASMR, tingling and feeling good

🌿Inflammation reduction

🌿Improve Listening ability

🌿Harness the power of music and sound