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Your Journey Begins Here...

Let Josephine take you out of the bustle of everyday life, and find your sense of calm - free from judgment and pressure. Using the magic combination of Energy, Movement, and Sound to help you heal, and find joy, and a deep sense of peace.





 Tuck yourself into the soft blankets while being fully supported on a soft mattress, allow the aromatherapy to instantly relax you, then be taken on a journey of sound.

To help support, release, heal, cleanse, nourish and de-stress the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Finish the session with a little chat with Josephine over tea, then step back out into the world with a greater sense of inner strength, connection, awareness, joy and not to forget, brilliant sleep!



Reduce Stress | Improve Sleep | Alleviate physical tension and pain

Deepen spiritual and emotional connection | Synchronise brainwaves

Relieve Anxiety | Improve Spiritual Connection | Ancestral healing

Trauma and PTSD healing | Improve Long Covid Symptoms | Mindfulness Practice | ASMR, tingling and feeling good

Inflammation reduction | Improve Listening ability |  Harness the power of music and sound



Join Josephine in class, at an event or on retreat. She teaches from a traditional place, bringing mindfulness, compassion, health and strength together in one space.

Unfold in her nurturing Yin classes, or find your balance and strength in an uplifting Hatha class.

Or practice from the comfort of your home, with her online platform.

The body and mind are one, I like to think about in in terms of water, the sea or a river, each day the water is different, crashing waves, strong winds, then small ripples and blue skies, this is also the nature of being human. When you practice yoga, the focus on the breath helps you tune into the body, aiming to calm and quieten the crashing waves, during the asana(posture) practice you feel a deeper connection to yourself, and a calm state will wash over you in shavasana (the bit at the end we lie down, one of the most important parts!), think of the waves rippling quietly against the shore.



"A Soundbath seeks to balance our physical, emotional, and mental systems, restoring a sense of harmony," 


People have been using sound to promote healing for thousands of years. For example, ancient Greek physicians used musical instruments as therapy believing that the instruments' vibrations could aid in digestion, treat mental disturbance, and induce sleep. Meanwhile, ancient Egyptians thought musical incantations healed the sick. We have just taken this ancient form of music medicine and made it accessible.


✨Deepening relaxation

✨Lowering stress and anxiety 

✨Improving mood and well-being

✨Improving sleep

✨Heightening focus and energy

✨A feeling of rejuvenation

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How does it work?

Most sessions are built for everyone, 

Please read through the events and the booking section to find the perfect event, retreat or 1-2-1 for you,

How Do I Book?

We use Go Team Up, all bookings happen online, just sign up(it takes 2 minutes)  You can buy appointments and sessions there.

What do I need to bring?

For yoga, please just bring a mat, water bottle, a towel just and any other yoga props you might need during the practice.  For a soundbath or events, all instructions are on each event page and an email with directions will be sent out.

What should I wear?

Wear something you can move in, that is not restrictive and feels comfortable to you. Maybe bring an extra jumper for Shavasana (resting pose) at the end of class, although we do have plenty of snuggly blankets.

Anything else?

If you would like further information, please contact Josephine and she will be more than happy to help.

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