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This is such a magical time of year, and a lot going on with the changing season, the full moon and scorpio season.

I've always loved Autumn, being born on Halloween has always been rather special. And as I get older, I'm leaning into my witchy side a little more. I'm reading more books and trying to create rituals in my life that help me feel grounded, deeply rooted and stir up wonder.

During Samhain or Halloween, the veil is thinned, we might feel grief a little more, we might connect more to those who have come before us.

Calling on our Ancestors at this time can be really magic, I've adapted this wonderful ritual from the beautiful 'Natural Magick' book by Judy Ann Nock.

You can do this Ritual on the Full Moon, or Samhain itself on the 31st, or even both, choosing to perhaps change parts of it as and when you feel.

Firstly, think of this life we have been gifted as a spiral of time, these sweeping curved lines of lineage that have come before us, seeing the history, the moments of joy, the moments of pain and the love that's been passed down to you.

As you do this ritual think clearly, why it is you're doing this, do you need some guidance? Is there a big decision you need some help with? Or are you diving deeper to do the healing work of mending fractures of the past(*take care when doing this, if you are suffering at all with your mental health, use this practice for nurturing rather than ancestral healing. It can be challenging and asking for help from a therapist is advisable).


You can also harness the energy of the moon and scorpio season, to call in your true authentic self, feel your heart swell, your truth grow stronger and your voice grow louder.

Create an altar, you may do this from time to time or have one in your home and garden always. I love the idea of a natural alter, taking a few things from nature to create a space where you can focus your energy and intention. If building one outside, it will create a life of it's own, spider webs might appear, moss might arrive. Nothing is removed so it can become a living thing.

If like me, you're in a flat, a home alter can be just as special. You can use flowers, crystal, photos, beautiful and inspiring items for you to connect with. Leaves or shells from nature, taking just what you need, not too much from her.




+ Think of an ancestor, perhaps you have a photos, a name or ancient grandmother that comes to mind. either using the photo or writing the name down, place it on the alter.

+ Gather sprigs of Rosemary

+ Pomegranate seeds

+ A candle, Black ideally, but any will do

+ Incense or aromatherapy, frankincense, clove, myrrh

1. Set the photos or name/writing on the alter, place the rosemary around and in front of it.

2. Place the seeds in a bowl, an offering to the dead and those gone before.

3. The candle is placed front and centre, you may like to make some notes on a particular date, time, of event that needs to be healed OR a feeling and connection for guidance from your past, to support you moving forwards. place this by the candle.

4. Set your intention.

- Honouring an ancestor

- Healing a past hurt

- Asking ancestors for guidance and aid in a specific area

5. State the intention, clearly, and burn the incense, close your eyes and take a few breaths.

6. Meditate on images from your past, where you came from, the paths your ancestors walked. Feelings, symbols, places, struggles, achievements and bravery.

7. Take as long as you need, once you feel the time is right, light the candle.

8. If you are using something from nature hold it in your hand, or a crystal of your choosing. Ask for energy, support and help. If you're searching for an answer call it in now. You can ask for blessings, forgiveness, energy, love and connection.

9. Once finished you can blow out the candle, and put the seeds outside the next day.

If you are drawing in some Moon energy too, you can write down on two separate


pages what you are releasing, think about getting rid of the things you don't need before winter draws in, and another list calling in what you do need. You can put this on your fridge, it could be an emotional list or an action list 'Read more books' 'drink more tea' etc. Keep it bright, truthful, wondrous.

As always with all these practice, take care and go as deep as you feel comfortable.

I often talk about drawing all the practices together.

I will do rituals like this, but also see a therapist. I will do a soundbath and journal, plus reach out to friends if I feel alone.

I like to add these moments on to the end of certain blog posts as it's not always talked about in wellness culture.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year, let the magick in!

Much witchy love,


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