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APRIL | To open... Moons, Meanings and things to come

Ahhh to April's foolish changes

And those who fall into the trap

Of thinking the sun shall stay

The belief the shower will pass

To April with is mischief and madness

Like adolescence, unruly and unsure

Humming with possibility

Yet tricksy and playful

We watch the bounce of a lamb

the unfolding of a bloom

a sigh for the end of winter

a rising of hope to unfold

We hold in the space grief

and possibility

knowing that with change

we greet the passing of time

April is to open, to love, to start a new

a journey, a connection

a growing of the heart

a closing of the old

How joyful these Spring months are

yet trepidatious in nature

a time of evolution

a moment on the calendar of life

A Fools April. Josephine


As always I share with you the significant dates of the month to come, the meanings and ways to stay in tune with the changing seasons. I'll be posting a few more blog posts as the month evolves, which will dive deeper into the moons and meanings.

You might start to feel a little more open to the outside world. A warmth stirring, an opening and ability to welcome growth and change.

Main themes of Aphrodite to consider:

  • Love

  • Beauty

  • Pleasure

  • Procreation

  • A dove(journey/flight/peace)

  • Apple(growth and abundance)

  • The scallop shell is one of the most recognizable symbols of pilgrimage. It has long been associated with religious journeys and is believed to be a token of good will and hospitality.

  • Mirror indicates illumination, consciousness, knowledge, and other spiritual concepts.

April will take us for a fool.

1st of April is the fools day, so we step into the month already a little trepidacious.

This also comes with the changing weather, bright sun to sudden rain, we may feel a little destabilised this month.

Call on new energy, what needs to be ended or finished and what new things can you call in.

Spring is a time for giving birth to ideas and creativity.

If you'd like to come along to some of the wonderful offers this month, click the links below.



I have had 1 space open up for my Greek retreat this May, and 3 spaces in October. 

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