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‘Unflappable’ might not seem like the obvious word to use on our second ‘The Summer Series’ newsletters. But I was reflecting on those very rare moments when you feel deeply calm, so much so that nothing can disrupt your inner peace. Driver cuts you up; you shrug, boiler breaks; you take a breath. Even more so, this sensation leads us to joy, your gaze might be lifted, you notice things you’ve perhaps missed in the past. The way the dark green of a leaf is perfectly complemented by the deep blue of an afternoon sky(maybe that's just me!?).

I experience these moments after a yoga class, dance class, being in nature, a meditation practice or Soundbath.

I’d love to know, when do you feel this unflappable sense of calm?

I remember getting a wonderful email from a client after a Soundbath, she said to me she felt pure joy and calm, she couldn’t stop smiling! This is why I do what I do. Life is hard, it has so many dark corners and at the minute the world we live in can feel extra scary. But leaning into the practices that allow us to be still, inwardly sturdy, yes, unflappable, is a gift.

I wanted to share a quick meditation.

Find a comfortable seat. Take some long deeps breaths into your belly.

Bring into your mind the image of the sea, but it’s one of those perfect evenings, where there is no wind, the edges of the sky are a pastel pink. You find yourself on the edge of the shoreline, and the sea is lapping on the sand and pebbles in the smallest ripple, the surface of the water like silk.

In this meditation, you can walk into the sea and lie back. The temperature is perfect and you are safe. Stay here for as long as you like.

As you venture back out of the crystal clear sea, sit for a moment and then make that calm water part of you, visualise it in your belly, your heart, your throat and third eye.

Set your timer for 10 minutes or more, and enjoy!

If you’re longing for that profound sense of peace, look no further and start your practice with Josephine at Echo Yoga & Sound.

YOGA, SEA & SOUND at The Atrium.

I'm running this magical event again this October, it's going to be a really special Sunday. 2 hours especially crafted so you feel calm, expansive, rested and well.

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