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BEAVER FULL MOON | Transitioning With Grace

This November full moon reminds us of important things, to check in on our pace of life and whether we are ready to welcome the change from Autumn to Winter.

The beaver moon holds the element of water, symbolising feelings, emotions, and intuition.

It's a time to ask yourself, what is my truth? Can I let go of the past to dream and create my future?

This moon is also known as the mourning moon, the grey, heavier feelings of this time making us reflect, grieve and mourn those gone, or even the year past. In life it's vital to accept every emotion, nothing is good or bad, if we allow the mourning to happen(our transitioning with grace) we can step forward lighter, brighter and clearer.

A Ritual.

Create your altar, or add to it if you have one always 'on the go'.

Gather things from nature, or from the garden centre or your favourite crafty shop.

Focus on things that are grey, sage, purple, midnight blue. choose instinctively, but also things that feel mystical, help you transition and welcome the darker months.

  • Sit quietly and focus on your breath.

  • Make sure you're warm, safe and wrapped in a snuggly blanket.

  • Feelings of safety and grounding can be really beneficial.

  • In your journal, write down:

A) What you want to release, think of clearing the space in body and mind, so you're stepping into Winter only carrying what you really need. For guidance, you could look at habits, friendships, relationships, thoughts or narratives.

B) Focus on intentions, for this beaver moon, guide yourself with:

  • Protection

  • Release

  • Cleansing

  • Empathy

  • Transformation

  • Preparation

Under each of these words write down what comes to mind. be creative, do not limit yourself.

  • Folding the paper neatly, place it on your altar if you have ribbon or string tie it around your paper.

  • Light your candle. and while staring into the flame, let go in your heart of the things that no longer serve and call in what you need for winter.

  • If you have sage, or rosemary, or eucalyptus, burn for clarity and clearing.

If you have time, please use this special gifted meditation from me to you, with love.

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