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I will start, with the fact, I am no astrologer, I take my inspiration from wonderful posts online and a lovely teacher I sit with each month, plus my own rambling reflections on life.

This month's full moon falls after all the eclipses(oft, did we feel that?!)... A deep asking to rise up, realise your worth, and plow ahead on your journey, no matter how uncomfortable it feels sometimes.

This big moon brings with it the big word, of truth.

So take a moment, to sit, reflect, and let that word land. Investigating into this space can be scary, so move forwards with kindness, compassion, and more interest than self-judgment.

We are living in a world, built to be fast, hard and many of us are working our little bottoms off to make ends meet, nurture our relationships, and possibly fit in some exercise to boot. However, I like to try and invite reflection into the areas that aren't in alignment. Scan through your life, or even your day-to-day activities and where do you feel a block, a tightness or even a plummet in your tummy?

Sometimes, we need to push forwards into discomfort, as that's where growth is, but I'm not talking about that. I'm referring to the disconnection from our body and intuition which is trying to tell us when things need to change. This could be a friendship, that is no longer lifting you, leaving you feeling depleted after every interaction. Or this could be a job that sucks you dry or maybe even a place where you are living that doesn't fit your soul's purpose.

Equally, I'd also like to add a positive spin, I've been chatting away about self-worth recently, and this full moon is a good time to reflect on what you need to support yourself and your community. Truthfully, how is your self-worth? Do you feel deserving? Are you honoring your heart?

These questions dance around ego playfully, I'd like to offer that I'm not talking about self-entitlement, but a general sense of worth and making decisions based on your truth.

These decisions might be very hard, and might also be wonderfully uplifting.

I am currently in a space, where I am pushing forwards, against moments of fear, doubt, and uncertainty, but I'm sitting in a space of authenticity and hope.

How can you be more authentic in your life? What conversations might you be willing to engage with to keep you in alignment with your true calling?

Lastly, I wanted to offer that these questions don't need to be answered with extremes. Not everyone can quit their job, dump their partner and drive off in a van to the blue seas of Portugal(unless you really have the urge!). I'm talking about small actions, that keep you feeling well, keep your heart full and your life joyful.

Harness the warmth of June and the light of the moon to step fully into your true, beautiful, authentic self.


For me?

I am choosing to push forwards with some scary but exciting business plans(watch this space).

I am investing in the business, even when the financial forecast is unknown.

I am choosing to go to yoga class every week and attend a monthly soundbath or retreat.

I am getting in the sea.

I am napping. 

I am trying hard to find my tribe and nurture new friendships.

I am practicing patience(this is hard!)

What do I need to let go of?

Fear and uncertainty

Always thinking about work and the business

Thinking I'm not enough

Thinking it will all fail

Over filling my diary, then wondering why I'm tired

Blocking certain emotions


A Ritual

Find a space in your home where you can place a few things that represent your truth, or these could also be pieces of paper pinned to a cork board.

If you've made a little alter with objects, pictures or words, be sure to sit on the full moon and focus your energy on what you want to create, also noticing how it feels in your heart and body.

Write down the things you are letting go of on a piece of paper, you can burn this(carefully), or tear it up and throw it away.

Try to be very specific and hold onto ideas that are tangible and manageable.

Happy full moon you lovely lot.

See you on the mat soon,


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