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Well how is everyone doing?

It seems it's been an emotional week, clients have reported children not being able to sleep, tears have flowed from what seems like nearly everyone, plus huge waves of frustration...

Does this resonate?

This month I was a little resistant to giving all my power to the moon, and yet, she finds a way to my heart every time, the watery depths of Scorpio pulling on my heartstrings this past week. I found myself being so moved by music, able to release a few tears to the magic and wonder of sound, harmony, lyrics and rhythm. Heart filled by the wonder of being human...

I shared rather honestly in my last blog post, you lot are a lovely bunch aren't you. I got some kind and responsive messages back, I feel a little edgy about my vulnerability and showing up just how I was on that day(pre-moon vibes anyone?!). But it was also a journey through the New Moon and to the full Pink Moon. I feel calmer now, and the struggles and frustration that was building, has move along a little and things look clearer. Plus I've got a more trust in my heart and soul.

We are always evolving, growing, learning, changing and finding our way home.

This week in class, we have been focusing on Tapas, one of the Niyama of the 8 limbs of yoga. It tied in perfectly really with the moon energy and Spring rising. We aren't all the same, but we are interconnected, and often people come into the space carrying similar emotions, and energy... this week, there were feelings of frustration. If you think of feeling frustrated, it carries an energy doesn't it, it's quite a palpable feeling, a wanting to move forward but it's met with resistance.

In class we almost took that energy and morphed it into what we needed it to be,

Tapas, is your passion, burning desire, your discipline and focusing on what is really important. I tried to weave a certain amount of freedom and joy through this theme, as it can feel a bit serious, and life is serious enough sometimes.

So, if you're feeling a little clearer, but depleted after the moon and retrograde, take a moment to pause. Think of the things you are passionate about, the things that really matter, lightly investigate when you last showed up for yourself or others.

In yoga, tapas is often how we show up in our practice, getting on the mat. meditating etc. But you can apply this to anything... it entails the things that might not come easy, where we might feel resistance, it's like playing the long game...

Doing things even when we might just want to watch TV. I try to tread the line here, as one of the main parts of my business and teaching is self-compassion, in a world where we are hustling and tired we don't always have the space for another thing on our to-do list. But what can happen is the busyness and noise of reality can stop us from doing the things most important to us.

So, think of it like this, if we are lucky enough to make it to our 80's, and we glance back, what would you want to be saying, what would you have loved to do, or done more of? Is it that dance class you always wanted to join? Is it that running club? or cold water swimming, or trying unusual food.. or simply, moving your body more or meditating... if we take this idea, and apply consistency and discipline that's tapas.

So, here we are, another Friday, in a year that is moving so fast. We gather at Heene for the last time tonight before the new venue in May. It's not been an easy decision, but it was the right one. The new space is quiet, a little smaller, but a beautiful hall with a long history and good energy.

I'll hopefully see you soon, if not take good care and I hope our paths cross again at some point down the line.


I’d love to continue to build my community, so if you’d like to book again or take a look at what I have on offer, here are some helpful links.


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