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You find yourself standing on the edge of a calm cool reflective pool. Dark moss gathers by your toes, and a waving willow softens the edge of your view.

Do you step into the water? For beyond the surface, the depths are dark, unknown, unchartered territory. Or do you stand safely on the edge, gazing at the beauty and surroundings?

There is no right and wrong answer. Everything in life is deeply personal, nuanced

Tall Pine trees, in West Sussex, Blue skies and path
Tall Pine Forest, West Sussex

and perfectly timed. As much as 'they' don't want you to know this. For there is a path, a route that we feel we have to tread to remain 'normal', things that might be expected, comfortable and safe.

At times, we may feel brave, strong, and drawn towards the next stage, even if it feels scary and unknown.

Other times, our reserves might be low, we may not feel able to dig deep and step into unchartered territory.

I've been reflecting a lot recently on whether to step into the unknown, to take huge risks and to try to follow my heart, then in the next breath my heart is asking for little-to-no drama, wants to rest, play, find joyful moments and a calm state of being.

I have also been thinking of timing.

'Just because we feel it is the right time, the powers that be might disagree'

We might be begging for answers to be revealed, I'm ready! It's go time! and yet... perhaps the path isn't clear, or the right thing is around the corner... or maybe not even that.

So as always with my blog posts, I'd like to offer some ideas. I'm usually sharing things that are bubbling around my own mind. So this really is the case of taking my own advice.

Some journalling and life tools in times of indecision.

  1. Intention. It might feel counterintuitive. But step away from the details and look at the big picture. Ask yourself, WHY? WHAT? HOW? With sound healing, and yoga, the intention is everything. I like the idea of there being root meanings beneath everything we do, you can even apply it to the smallest things and often a truth will be revealed. (This can also reduce feelings of guilt and worry, eg: if you are watching Netflix, rather than thinking god I really should be at the gym, set an intention 'I am choosing to watch 2 episodes of this, to feel calm, relaxed and quiet', if you're at the gym you can set a completely different intention!)

  2. Go find a view. When we walk by the sea or over a hill, we get perspective, our feelings of grandeur might be reduced and the more humble warmth of appreciation can take over for a bit, which might reduce the stakes and un-do any decision paralysis.

  3. Heart. sit quietly and let your imagination wander, ask yourself big questions, where do I want to be in 5 - 10 - 15 years, can I see my surroundings, actions, friends, work, life... these dreams don't necessarily need to be capitalism-inspired-climbing-the-ladder-asperations. You might have an image of yourself sitting on a sofa, with a cup of tea reading a book and not feeling stressed. For me, I have images of a garden, laughter, live music, herbs in my hands, home cooking, travelling, dancing... The only thing I struggle with in this part of the process is PATIENCE... I see where I am supposed to be and want it to happen NOW. Or I struggle to even fathom how I can get there...rushing the journey and digging madly for answers.

  4. Which leads me to: what can I do? What's in my control, and what isn't in my control. ALSO, I am allowed to CHANGE MY MIND. Creating an action plan can be so rewarding, and make this plan span over years if you need, rather than putting pressure on yourself to achieve or find answers in the next month.

  5. Take The Leap Of faith. Be willing to step into the unknown, but only if you're doing it for the right reasons and you've made peace with the worst-case scenario. Follow your heart, be your authentic self. But know that your dreams might change, you will change and things will unfold.

  6. lastly(for now, the list could go on) Self Worth. working on feelings of self worth. I am worthy of dreaming, checking in, trying new things, of knowing when to push and when to rest.


I'm not sure this post has been particularly focused, it maybe be a little off-center. But I felt like writing it, so I hope it has helped.

August is a quieter month for me, and I'm trying to not get into the space of worry and just lean in. Taking time for myself and resting so I can start again at full capacity in September.

Please let me know if this resonated and how you got on with the suggestions. Please like, comment and share.

Another amazing way to find clarity is a sound bath or healing. check here for the most recent updates:

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