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So, why come to the Van?

Situated just beyond the beautiful Highdown Gardens, is the Echo Sound Van, with an outside covered area for yoga, cups of tea, comfy pillows: a place to rest and take in the views and nature. Inside, you will be welcomed by the soft scent of aromatherapy, invited to rest on a comfy bed, wrapped in blankets. Josephine will lead you through a deeply healing and restorative Soundbath, using a variety of instruments to take you to another place. Perhaps the outside world will be present as the birds fly over head and you hear the rustle of the chestnut trees.

This is a one of a kind experience, drawing key elements of Echo Yoga together. Nature, Sound, Movement, Breath and Rest.

Being situated in nature brings added benefits to your treatment.

Nature Decreases Stress

A study done of 46 students showed that viewing scenic greeneries increased the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. Using EKGs, researchers found that when the participants viewed the natural images, their stress levels lowered.

Improves Executive Attention

Executive attention refers to a part of the brain responsible for drawing on internal information and memories to adapt our thoughts and behaviours. Executive attention is vital to planning, decision-making, and correcting errors, among other things. Increased executive attention means your mind is clearer and better able to focus on important tasks without interference from unnecessary or unrelated thoughts.

In a yogic context, nature helps you find clarity and truth, clearing the third eye, and finding confidence in your intuition and 'gut response' to things, that may at one time, have felt over whelming.

Promotes Physical Health

In addition to the soothing effects of nature, physical benefits have been shown to include everything from reduced blood pressure to increased ability to sleep.

Increases Memory and Attention

When we are bombarded with stimuli, our brains get “fatigued” and natural elements have been found to be “particularly rich in the characteristics necessary” for our minds to relax, refocus, and be restored.

Aids in Recovery

Scientists have researched what is called evidence-based healthcare design, a theory that focuses on the well-being and recovery of hospital patients. Evidence shows overwhelmingly that exposure to windows or other natural landscapes aids hospital patients in many aspects of

recovery – pain tolerance, heart rate, etc. – as well as their families and even hospital staff.

Keeps us Connected

Feeling connected to nature is a proven way to improve happiness and health but sometimes we don’t have the option to take a stroll in a beautiful garden. Biophilia is the human’s natural need to be connected with nature.

You can currently purchase two treatment packages at the Van, for yourself or for you and another.


For more information on the Echo Sound Van, please look here:

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