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I nearly didn't write this blog post, because yet again, I find my personal cycle synchronising with the full moon. Getting my period while the moon is on it's fullest setting, if I'm honest, makes me feel like a woman slowly falling into insanity.

But what I will say, is I gave into it, I found myself throwing half a carton of tofu across my kitchen and just softened and laughed my socks off. My irrational, nonsense has been quite profound this time around.

So, how has your January been?

I shared a post about January being named after Janus, the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, times, doorways, passages and endings.

January can feel like a challenging month. A slate laid clear, a path in front of us unknown. You might be thinking about what you want more of, what you want less of. You might feel a little lost and overwhelmed. We are still in this time of unknown and possibly are feeling this period as liminal, transitional, ungrounded. 

Janus presides over all beginnings and transitions, whether abstract or concrete, sacred or profane, so to sit with the discomfort. Is hard.

If you can, take a few minutes each day to catch your breath. Become mindfully aware of your inner universe.

Go to the places that make you feel truly GROUNDED(often nature will do this). 

NOURISH yourself, and hold the feelings of discomfort with compassion, wrap them gently with kind words.

And trust that this in-between space will shift, it might produce light bulb moments and it might allow you to find deeper levels of truth.

If, like me, your mental health can be challenged during these times.

Come back to basics, create a routine and do small things everyday, rather than putting pressure on yourself to achieve more than you can.

Journal. Enjoy tea breaks. move your body. Look outside. Read wonderful books. Reach out to friends.


The main themes are profound self love, creativity and pleasure. How we can express our truth. This might be bold for January, so we don't need to do it in a big way, even realising it quietly to ourselves is enough. This full moon can help us release fear, shine our light and perhaps be comfortable being centre stage.


Find space on your altar, or a small quiet space that's just for you.

Gather from outside, one or all of the following.

  • Moss

  • Twigs of oak and ash

  • feathers

  • seed heads

  • a candle in white or blue

  • any other white or blue items, White symbolises a blank page and fresh start to the New Year, coupled with Light Blue to evoke snowfall and winter.

  1. Take a moment to find a quiet place to sit, preferable by your altar or special space. connect with your breath. as you tune into your breath, feel yourself connected to the earth element, feel your legs, base of the spine, pelvis. Encourage some deep belly breaths.

  2. In this quiet place, visualise yourself in a large expansive place, in nature, it can be anywhere, but imagine big skies, and everything is covered in snow.

  3. In this meditation, you don't yet walk anywhere but taking in your environment, feel connected to the earth, feel warm and wrapped up, even though the space is covered in snow. Notice the snow is untouched, a blank canvas, no footsteps, paths or treads. If you feeling a little overwhelmed by taking your first step, invite your animal guide to appear by your side, don't over think it, just let it happen.

  4. Gently come out of the meditation.

  5. Please journal on what came up, note your animal, how the door was, how it felt, and what was beyond it.

To follow this in real time, head to the podcast here.(please like and share!). Or watch on You Tube; here.

Making a list.

  1. Journal one list of what you'd like more of in 2024, keep this precise, positive and hopeful, dream big and stay connected. leave this on your altar until the next full moon. Light your candle as you finish this list.

  2. What to release, you may find some lingering energy from 2023, maybe January needs to be cleared, write a list and safely burn this outside under the light of the full moon.


For me, January has taught me lessons.

But key words for me, have been:

The ability to sit in the space between

Getting grounded, being ok with the limbo, the unknown the old and the not yet happened.

Patience, if things still don't feel clear, let that be ok.

Which leads me onto trust. The word I come back to time and time again, if you are evolving, exploring and creating. Trust that when you show up authentically, bravely, that all will be as it's meant to be.


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