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Ok, raise a hand if anyone is feeling rather confused, unsure or exhausted?

I hope it's not just me! I'm in a space of huge transition, asking big questions and calling in deep answers, the New moon energy plus this stormy wind is making me want to run away to shores of golden sand and blue seas(why not eh!?).

So, New moons, we don't always give the new moon as much hype as when it's at it's fullest version. But it can be a really wonderful time to start new projects, dig deep, wipe the metaphorical slate clear and set intentions.

Beautiful New Moon, July 2023, whats the meaning behind the new moon
New Moon Meanings, July 2023, Cancer New Moon

There is a lot of energy and focus(and planets) in Leo and Cancer.

You may feel the need to nest, which might make you feel discombobulated as summer is a time to feel more extraverted, exploring and reaching.

It feels more natural to nest in the cooler months, so do what you can to create a connection to your home, family and friends this month.

Rather confusingly, the sun in Leo calls for us to be bold, independent, brave and exploratory. We’re blossoming–it’s a time when you might have a calling to wear more bright colours, express yourself. You also might be feeling more generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. Be mindful of where you are putting your energy and attention.

So here is a little list of moon-inspired to-do's, rituals and meditations:


Grab a cup of tea and your journal. Make a list of positive To-do's. It can be so easy to write a list that's driven from a space of 'not enough' or berating ourselves. So perhaps try to reflect on how you want to FEEL. Then make a list of SMALL things you can do to achieve it.

Here's an example: 'I'd like to feel more free, alive, joyful and calm'. So, I'm focusing on small things that are reachable and built from a space of love:

  1. Find a new walk, a place I've not yet been. Bring a flask of tea and a snack. Take my time, write down three things of beauty.(Alive/joyful)

  2. Put on my favourite dance music and have a boogie in my kitchen.(Free/calm)

  3. Meet up with friends that make me feel loved.(joy/love)

  4. Exercise! (Alive/calm)

  5. Sing! (all of the above!)

Your list will look very different, depending on how you want to feel. Stay grounded, compassionate and kind to yourself, you're more likely to achieve the list.


Create a personal goal. This one might feel heavier, but when we focus in on the detail we can create change. Has there been something that just keeps on coming up. In relationships, habits, in your life that you are getting tired of?

Now is a brilliant time to commit to a personal goal.

This might be practical, or spiritual.

Again, keep it attainable, otherwise, it probably won't happen.

For me, this year is about really learning about my neurodivergence and habits, how I tackle practical things and manage my money. I try to be gentle with myself, and also turn to podcasts, articles and tools to help me.

Once you have an idea of the goal, write it down, make plans to achieve it and put it somewhere you'll see it. On the fridge, bathroom, or notice board.


Get grounded. As I mentioned before, it's a really good time to honour the need to feel secure, within ourselves, our relationships and what we call home.

The world can feel more and more unsettled, making it really hard to feel safe and secure.

So, a meditation for you on this new moon.

Sitting in a comfy position, focus on your breath, start to relax the muscles of the face and jaw. Count the breath, in for 4 out for 6. do this for a couple of minutes.

Visualise a huge tree, branches full and roots deep. You can either become the tree in your mind's eye or sit by the foot of the tree. Allow your body to feel connected to the earth, the roots, feeling the energy of the earth and the wide safe reach of the branches. Stay here for as long as you need. and carry with you a feeling of grounding.

If you want you can even do this meditation while sitting by a favourite tree. It's really quite astounding meditating with a old wise tree!


Create an altar.

Bright white and silver to your sacred space to connect to Cancer.

Focusing on intuition and providing a clean, clear slate.

Like the glistening surface of water or the shining face of the Moon, silver and white are colours of intuition and purity.

burn a couple of white candels, gather some flowers, Lilies, White Carnations, White Tulips, or White Freesia. perhaps place a small pretty mirror on the later and keep the surface clean. Burn sage and clean your space.

Thank you for reading, please let me know how you get on and check the forum for shared inspiration.


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*moon inspiration was taken from the brilliant

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