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The new moon in Pisces occurs on 10th March at 10 a.m. GMT. This marks the beginning of the current month’s lunar cycle, the last new moon of Pisces season, and the astrological year, which begins on 19th March with the onset of spring in the northern hemisphere. It is a pivotal time because the eclipse season begins a week later, making this lunation a prime time to manifest

Read on for things to focus on, take note of, items to place on your altar and journal points. Feel free to plunge into your watery soul through this blissful recording of Sussex sea and chimes.

Things to consider:

  • This lunation is a supermoon, meaning that the moon is in closer proximity to the earth. You might be feeling things a with more of a punch.

  • This time will bring dreaminess, imagination, fluidity, mystery and beauty.

  • A perfect time to focus on unconscious desires.

  • As the sun and moon unite in the mutable water sign, it can trigger an emotional response and make us feel more sensitive to the emotions of others. Be wary of how you are spending your energy and who you are choosing to be with.

  • It is a beautiful time to draw on compassion, empathy and kindness.

  • Still in the watery sign, think of water as cleansing, diving deep, resting and receiving.

Stay Connected.

  • During these times of extreme emotional depth, we must hold ourselves and others with care and extra awareness, you might need to rest more, journal, nap and check in with yourself.

  • Wild card Uranus will be in a harmonious aspect with the moon, you may experience a rollercoaster of emotions and feel things being stirred up.

  • Stay connect with nature, art, music and the earth to ground our energy. 

Allowing rest this New moon in Pisces.

new moon in pisces

During these dark moon phases, you may still need to rest, shedding the last waves of winter darkness, you can seek comfort and relief through napping, taking a bath, lying or sitting in a sunny patch in nature, listening to a yoga nidra or coming to a soundbath

Journal and reflect:

  1. what habits are you entertaining that don't feel good or supportive, can you journal on a few things you'd like to change, be wary to not entertain perfectionism or shame, this is just to create more space for the things that matter.

  2. As we shift towards Spring, this period can be a wonderful time to push beyond our comfort zone, perhaps plan some things that you know will bring you joy but feel a bit scary to do, book that dance class, try a sauna session, go to the theatre.. journal these ideas with freedom!

  3. Set some goals for summer, and allow the hope and newness of this season to arrive.

  4. Where can you break free, of thoughts patterns, and feelings that keep you feeling stuck? Call in what you want more of, you are worthy of feeling good!

Your Table or Altar:

Green or Pink Candles


Blackthorn blossom

Pebbles, twigs, moss, feathers

Enjoy this period, as we are called to unfurl and step forwards into spring, don't push yourself or rush, but spread your wings and take a breath of the fresh warm earth.


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