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Updated: Feb 22

A full (snow)moon in Virgo is only possible when the sun is in Pisces.

Think of Virgo as yourself on one of those days where you seem to sort everything, there is flow and ease and your to-do list gets done... There's logic, practicality and a down-to-earth manner.

Pisces, is rather the opposite, emotions deep, love big and minds free and flighty...

A full moon in Virgo invites clarity during the whirlwind that is Pisces season.

Yin & Yang of energy and signs coming together to create magic.

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Get organised this full moon

As always I do not claim to be a professional around these teachings, but I love reading and finding out more about the moons and signs, but also applying the teaching practically to rituals, journalling and where to focus our attention. As often everything is linked and the full moons tend to mirror the seasons and times perfectly.

Organisation can have a heavy weight to it, but also an opportunity to sort your s**t out. It takes energy, focus and attention, but when we get clear, there is a profound peace that can be found.

So, what needs organising, does your organising need organising?!

So, how can we romanticise the mundane... in everything we are fundamentally talking about energy. If things feel cluttered, messy, fractured and fraught. well, things aren't going to feel balanced. with everything I write, I like to mention that is not an opportunity to shame yourself if you're home or to-do list isn't like Marie Kondo, it's an opportunity to check in and take care of yourself. For when we get organised, our stress levels are reduced and anxiety might subside slightly. Which I tell you, sounds rather romantic and wonderful to me.


  • set time aside, pour yourself a tea and light a candle, and make a ritual out of the mundane.

  • Binaural beats. I play binaural beats when I work or focus on lists, sums and numbers. for people who might be slightly inclined towards ADHD this can be a great way to help focus.

  • Breathe, notice when you're holding your breath or set a timer so every 10/15 minutes you take 8 rounds of deep breath(so simple but a game changer).

  • Music and Podcasts, if your cleaning or organising your home, make it fun, dance a bit. Disco music works wonders(although I must admit the dancing might take over leaving less time to organise!)

If like me, you can feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done, maybe start with little lists and priorities. Maybe start in a certain room of the house or even a certain area of your life.



As we creep out of February and into March, we start to notice the presence of Spring, new life starting to push forward.

As always with cycles it's an opportunity to let go. Cleansing some of the darkness of winter to really acknowledge what you want to bring into Spring, if we think of the hope, excitement and newness of Spring, what deserves this focus and attention, what have you been planning?

Maybe there are ideas that you need to let go of, and in turn, really focus your energy. Calling on your truth, your heart and love.


as I walk on my path, creativity is calling me more and more. Having been frozen, afraid and carrying feelings of 'not enough' it was blocking my freedom. Recently the fragility of life has felt close again. And I just thought, why not... life is short, I doubt I'll look back and say I wish I hadn't created that'. When we create we are connected to source, love and truth.

So, an invitation, within this organisation, to also plan opportunities of play and creativity. Make time this spring to explore, grow and learn.

Sitting quietly, give yourself a few minutes to journal on these prompts:

  1. When organising, how do you feel? what small actions can you take to make this experience light and playful or easier(if you struggle with organising and tidying DM me and I'll send some support links, this can also be acutely linked to mental health, so go gently with yourselves).

  2. What one thing would I love to prioritise but "things" get in the way. Can you carve out just 5/10 minutes for yourself? Notice if the reasons why you can't do the thing are real or a protection mechanism.

  3. If you had a whole day to yourself and unlimited funds what would you do, dream bit, see it, feel it.

  4. Take one part fo that dream day and action it.

  5. Is there one area of your life that feels 'messy'(remember no judgment, be the witness, kind and open hearts) or an area that needs constant maintenance, could you ask for help, or use an app or software to help you in this area?

  6. Following on from the last point, where could you ask for help? Are you trying to achieve everything on your own, is there a support network or someone you can ask for help.(if funds are limited Youtube has some wonderful resources).


full moon in virgo, planets, erath, moon, full moon
Full Moon Rituals

This is a ritual I've created myself, so not necessarily steeped in mythical magic. But linked specifically to the energy centre of the body that aids us with personal power, forward motion, dedication and determination. Manipura Chakra.

Create space on your altar or a quiet place in your home. 

  • Clear the space, using your voice, breath, sage or tuning fork.

  • focus on the breath in your belly and the rise and fall of your lower rib cage(to follow the full meditation please select from the links below).

  • You can add items from nature to your altar, but also items of yellow, perhaps daffodils, and citrine crystals.

  • If aromatherapy supports you, cedarwood, rosemary, and bergamot can help clear the mind(uplift blend can be used, purchase here. )

  • focus the breath on the diaphragm, now very gently and midfull tap along the lower ribs, allow the breath to be free and light, and think of fear and anxiety leaving the body and being replaced by strength determination and positive-drive.

  • If it resonates, write 3 lists linked to your journalling, 1 focused on what you'd like to organise. 2 what you'd like to let go of 3 on what you'd like to focus on.

  • Feel free to light a candle at this part of the ritual. Option to safely burn the list 2 outside. And keep the other lists on your altar until the next New Moon.




I have had 1 space open up for my Greek retreat this May, and 3 spaces in October.

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