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To feel grounded. What might you think of first?

For me I think of a large old tree, roots sprawling. Unmoved. Ancient. having weathered time and the winds of nature. I think of low resonant rumbles, of the gongs or my deepest bowls, than unhook and unhinge the tension and anxiety from my bones. I think of my feet, my legs, hips and pelvis, moving with a slow and steady pace through a yoga practicing, lengthening, moving in time to my deep belly breathing.

I also think of the time spent in the Yurt at Angmering. It has a quiet and reliable atmosphere that helps you feel rooted, connected, earthed. I love to teach here, especially the yin. I see people who are going, doing, holding, and they unfold, they rest and leave feeling that worldly sense of ease.



You are a unique being wandering this earth, for this special time allocated just for you. Isn't that wonderful?

I felt a calling to create unique experiences, to help people be reminded of the gift that is our time here. I hope with every event, retreat and private booking you are reminded of how you are uniquely you and how incredible this life can be.

“A truly wonderful experience. I attended Josephine's Complete Release Winter Sound Retreat on Saturday 4th December. Josephine creates a wonderful energy in all her events, with, on this occasion, gentle yoga, yin yoga, journalling and a profoundly wonderful soundbath. We had a break during; which she provided simply delicious vegan food and herbal teas. Josephine is a very caring and knowledgeable yoga teacher and her soundbaths are exceptional! Deeply personal, cleansing and relaxing. I thoroughly recommend all her events.” Tamara

One of these unique events are held in Chichester, in the most beautiful studio looking out over wide green spaces and trees. I'd love to see you there.



More and more people are being drawn towards the power of sound. However, I get asked a lot of questions about what it is and why. I can tell that people are a little nervous before coming, let alone booking.

If you'd like to see a full Soundbath, click the link below, it's a live recording of our most recent outdoor event. You may hear the squirrels and birds, but it's just nature, adding some extra layers of sound to our practice.

I've also included a link below to the website where I cover a lot of info about Soundbaths and some cool facts too!

So why come to a Soundbath? here's just a few reasons.​ 🌿Reduce Stress🌿Improve Sleep🌿Alleviate physical tension and pain🌿Deepen spiritual and emotional connection🌿Synchronise brainwaves🌿Relieve Anxiety🌿Improve Spiritual Connection🌿Ancestral healing🌿Trauma and PTSD healing🌿Improve Long Covid Symptoms🌿Mindfulness Practice🌿ASMR, tingling and feeling good🌿Inflammation reduction🌿Improve Listening ability🌿Harness the power of music and sound



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