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Taking Care Of Your Future Self

This thought might have you all divided. But it's something I've been working with this month.

I have been nurturing my past self, and putting actions in place to bolster and elevate my future self.

Many say, live each day like your last. I love this sentiment, it helps many of us realise the beauty of life, how fragile and valuable it is. However, if we are lucky, we will survive the next day and hopefully many more.

In this months shorter podcast I talk a little about how in my younger years I trusted that the future would save me (too often), and in turn abandoned my future self.

For many it might be second nature to have 8 saving pots, to plan you diary with perfection and to see yourself in 10 years with ease. But for me, I had to be taught this and I'm really calling in this skill, to raise up in this Scorpio season of transformation and growth.

So, how might we bring this into our lives?

Well for me, I have many little bits of paper with magic words written on them stuck to my fridge. I have bold sharpie writing, 'What does you future self need'... now, this is a loaded question I know. But I don't mean for it to be. I do a lot of journalling, and I have strong heart-based longings, not necessarily material, but dream like or something to strive towards.

So, let's use the example of 'I want to feel safe'. This might come through a regular meditation practice, so when I hover in my corridor torn between whether to jump straight onto my laptop or go into the studio and do a 15 minute meditation, I think about how future Josephine will feel. And this might change day to day. If I have to get through some really hard admin, I might just get my head down then meditate afterwards. If, however, I know a meditation will help ground me and calm my system(always will, always does). I can make that choice. In turn, Josephine in a week, month or 2 years, will have benefitted from the dedication to the meditation(oooh rhyme!).

I've been trying to repeat this phrase to myself around spending too, I love a candle and a meal out, but I have had to re-learn and find a new relationship with cash, so I try really hard to say 'does future Josephine need this'... sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes a new dress or journal will bring joy, but I guess this statement for me creates a moment of pause, and it's a phrase full of love, nurture and respect for my future self.

It keeps us out of lack mentality. And focused on bigger dreams...

There will always be a counter argument to everything we write, I can hear it in my head as I type away.

Many will say that this might lead to being tight, or "lack" mentality, but I honestly think it just makes us check in and rediscover our values, deep respect and love for ourselves.

Surely taking care of your future self is a truly beautiful and deeply respectful.

On the flip side,I can share an opposite. I booked a yoga retreat in Spain for next year, part of me said 'Oh I'm not sure I can afford this'. But there was a payment plan, a realistic price and again, a level of love and nurturing my future self. I saw into my future, how much I work, and heal others and thought; 'I think July next year is the perfect time to top up my own battery. I will find the money, by saving or really drawing back on spending'

I know not everyone can make decisions like this, but I wanted to share.

So, firstly, to realise your future self, you have to find them first.

Take a minute to journal or meditate.

Where do you see yourself, are you at home, abroad? Who are you with?

What does life feel like... how do you feel?

This can be quite a big task, but it's pretty magic, you can start with your home, where you see yourself. What community you have around you. What hobbies might you be doing.

The point is, that you can start taking small actions, to bolster your future self.

For example, "I want to be fitter", can seem huge and scary. It's also rather vague, can you hone in on this dream. Are you running up a hill, or dancing full out in class? Are you lifting weights, or flowing through a yoga session. Get specific then you can add this to you future self-plan and start taking small step towards that future dream.

Also, giving ourselves a realistic time scale can allow us to catch our breath, I am definitely a person who wants immediate results, I have had to learn patience again and again. But just keep on showing up for yourself everyday, the future will work itself out.

Compassion, I add this into my podcast too, you can't always get things right, somedays you'll make the wrong choices, sometimes you might tell your future self to do one. And that's ok. We are human, and need to not give ourselves a tough time. But notice if you lose sight, and call back to them.

For my future self, I'm in a garden somewhere, sun shining, I have family around me and community close by, friends and connection. I am strong, my back is sturdy and I'm smiling, laughing, singing, dancing... And that's just one image, in another I'm walking through Japan in the autumn...

Have fun with these ideas, allow them to draw in hope, peace, deep care and nurturing of yourself.

Please check out the podcast if you're interested to hear more.



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