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I've always had a dream of bringing a smaller group into a beautiful space to be enveloped in sound. So after redecorating, re-potting plants, hanging new art work and gathering a few more blankets, it was time.

The space I've created at home is a special bubble, close to the sea, quiet, spacious but intimate.

Crystal Bowls

In an age when we are struggling with loneliness, communities are weaker and people are vulnerable, I hold the dream of bringing people together close to my heart.

I love hearing others share their sound journeys, images they might see, how their body feels and sensations they experience.

These smaller bespoke session aim to provide an experience unlike any other.

You'll wander into the studio, belongings left outside for peace and space. Everyones space is set up ready for them, mini sound mattress for comfort, pillows for support and blankets for warmth.

You'll be given fresh water with fruit, aromatherapy fills the air, candles are placed around the room.

Gongs, Chimes, Crystal Bowls

At first, we gather and unfold, depending on the day you'll be taken through breathwork, yoga nidra, and meditation. Possibly Journalling, visualisation, mantra and manifesting.

Leading on to a blissful full Soundbath, crystal sound healing through harmonious vibrations. Unfold to the deep and grounding hum of the gongs and be drift away on the chimes, harp and tuning forks.

Finishing with delicious vegan snacks and heart blended tea, you'll float home feeling reset, calm, connected and supported.


Spaces are limited. Book via the website or App:

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