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Tibetan singing bowls have their origins in the Himalayan region and are believed to date back many centuries, but their history is shrouded in mystery as very little written information is available.

Tibetan singing bowls which have a particular combination of metals are so called because they originate from Tibet and when played they sing or create beautiful harmonic tones and overtones.

Tibetan Bowls, Gold, candles, dried garland, crystal bowls, soundbath, sound bath, singing bowls
Beautiful Tibetan Bowls

The Tibetan singing bowls should be seen as being universal instruments which when played their vibrations are symbolic of our devotion and surrender as multidimensional beings created by a universal Divine consciousness.

The bowls themselves when played create a symphony of harmonics; they are deep and comforting and connected to the earth from which they came. The size and the thickness create the pitch, but the bowls do not have one single set note.

When using an electronic chromatic scale detecting device the notes can be seen moving from one note to another through changes in the bowls tones and overtones.

This shows the different harmonics that are created within the bowl itself as it is played. The notes can also change depending on which wand is used and there are a variety of wands available. The Tibetan bowl wands are usually made from wood and often have other materials attached to the wood.

I tend to play the bowls in alignment with the Chakra system, but the note, metals of the bowls can also be linked to the planets and qualities of the metals. The Tibetan bowls draw you in, they are often quieter and call on your attention to gain the most benefit.

You can hear distinctly the rhythmical sound-waves that emanate from the bowl. either through hitting with a soft mallet or running the wooden wand around the rim of the bowl.

Bowls can be played together to creating soothing harmonious chords, or you can clear energy and stagnation through dissonant notes and chord patterns.

The bowls can also be a wonderful tool for testing the energy of the body. Running the bowl through the bio-field or aura of the body you can hear where areas that are depleted or over functioning. Giving the healer, myself, an idea of what needs attention and soothing through the healing.

You can also sing mantras to the bowls, using specific notes to help support transformational vocal toning, singing, chants and mantras.

When you come for a soundhealing, bowls might be placed on the body, using near the skin or points of injury or pain. The soothing ringing of the bells can be used as an anchor to calm the mind, clear energy and create abundance.

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