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What's Stopping You From Feeling Good?

Without realising it, I recently have been caught in the tide of not feeling ‘good enough’, of over working and under resting. ‘Hustling’ and Worrying about a made up future... Plus, doing what I can to bring yoga & sound to my clients. To help people heal, feel well and connected.

So, I wanted to ask, like me, have you been pushing through the winter in a grey haze? Can you decide to take some time for yourself?

Why not carve out one hour of your time to be held, to wrap yourself in blankets, take a deep breath of aromatherapy and let me guide you through the most restorative soundbath.

When we step into a soundbath profound shifts can happen, the mind can get quiet and the body more present. I went to a soundbath myself this last weekend and the rumbling vibrations of the gongs was profound. I breathed away some waves of anxiety that arose, and created space for truth to come in. I worked with my heart, and came back to love and trust. I also left feeling lighter, with my back pain almost gone(too many hours on the laptop and stress manifesting itself in physical form).

I will also share some of the profound moments, I have so much fear in me and my heart. I think it's possibly at the core of my practices, yoga helps me re-programme and look through different eyes.

The teachings and practices bringing me back home to a space of calm. When I practice with sound I can lean into my heart, I feel at times so blocked, after suffering grief, loss and stress I can wrap my heart up in protective layers, but they harden and turn to walls, blocks to stop the fluid and air like nature of the heart. I can panic about this 'why can't I feel my heart' 'what's wrong with me'... but really it's how we protect ourselves.

I've recently stopped reading the news, because of this exact reason. After the madness of the last few years, I want to truly feel joy and the wonderful depths of love, and as soon as I can feel myself warm or loosen the edges I have to navigate something and I close up like a clam! So, to sound. I am held by the vibrations, my edges are physically soften and my mind is quiet(for once) and when this happens, my subconscious starts to talk, wisdom quietly whispers what I've always known and profoundly my child self is present, the young girl who ran around the garden, who danced at any opportunity and who loved freely, fully and abundantly.

My 'aha' moment of.. 'Oh I need to love like that again'... of course over time we get hurt, our hearts can be shattered, bruised, damaged... but if it's not love that drives us forwards, then what? what is it all about?

My practices help my manage the fear, the worry, the made up stories... it's still present, of course but if I can replace the cold harsh edges of fear with the warmth of a loved heart, then I feel anything might be possible...

I find it hard to put into words how sound has helped me. But as I step into Spring, I am making more time for myself, I am raising my vibration and will continue to bring sound and yoga to my community.

Why do I do what I do? because of love. I love the practices I’ve learnt that have helped me out of some of the darkest pockets of my life, but also to remind me of the absolute wonder and gift that is life. To soften the edges of my mind and tune into the wisdom of my body.

I’d love to welcome you back, and this March we have spaces left for our soundbaths, so why not clean the slate and create hope and abundance for Spring.


“This was the most relaxing experience and I still felt blissed out the next day, very worth while!” Leonie.

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