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This felt like a harder newsletter to write, I don’t want to take away from the wonder of a group sound healing session, but often people ask me, why book a private?

Firstly, there are so many reasons, so I’ll try and keep my passion at bay and be as clear as I can, perhaps a bullet point list would help:

  • The space is completely yours. You are welcomed into my peaceful home studio, a space infused with aromatherapy, soft lighting and candles.

  • You rest on a plush massage bed, with plenty of pillows to prop up your head, arms and legs. Blankets can be laid over the body on cooler days, an eye-bag lightly placed over the eyes for full relaxation.

  • The session is formulated for you, I don’ ever do one session the same as the next. There is an opportunity, should you wish to share, why you have booked the session, we set an intention together and it helps me form the session, musically and intentionally.

  • I work with energy, physically and spiritually. If you have a deeper spiritual practice, I will talk with you about images that came through during the session and most importantly spirit guides and animals. I often work closely with nature rather than light work and angels. For me I pull on the energy of mother nature to truly heal and hold the client.

  • There are no distractions. My home studio is a near-silent room, apart from perhaps a rogue seagull drifting by outside, you will not be disturbed. If one is particularly nervous or anxious, group Soundbaths can feel challenging to fully let go.

  • My regular clients come into the space because they trust me, they know they are safe and held. Plus knowing that there will be no other noise, rustling/movement/coughing can be a true blessing.

  • A deeper experience. When you start working with sound in a regular way, especially 1-2-1’s, your body, mind and consciousness starts to respond. Images might come through, colours, light, emotions that need to be released. Things that are buried so deep you’re surprised they bubbled up to the surface.

This might sound daunting, but actually it’s magical, the relief you have after a session can be profound, what is held onto festers, hinders our joy and our healing. Sound will carry us through the darkest and lightest of times.

  • Truth. Sound, if you let it, will reveal what’s going on. You’ll experience purity of joy, the depth of a low rumble, a grounding, a hope, love, excitement. There’s so much I could say about private sessions, they are where my heart is at it’s fullest. I get to meet you, my clients, properly, fully. I get to hear about your experiences. I am able to fulfil my calling, to hold space to you, to heal and in turn you help others around you find more joy. If you are interested in trying this experience I’m running £20 offer over the next two months.

Please use code this code at check out: ECHOAUTUMN2022

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