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The last full moon of 2023, a cold moon representing hibernation, stillness and reflection. We are also encountering Mercury Retrograde, so proceed with caution.

Things to consider on this Full Moon:

  • Relationships, family bonds and ancestral stories.

  • A time to reflect on dreams, what do you want for 2024.

  • Advocate for your comfort and security.

  • Time for healing.


  • Reflection

  • Development

  • Change

  • Peace

  • Growth

  • Reawakening

  • Shadow work


Creating or adding to your altar. Focus on colours of White, Black, Silver, Evergreen.

You can bring nature inside(respectfully) Mistletoe, Ivy, Yew, Evergreen Pine, Oak, Holly, Birch.

Fragrances and candles can be used, this time of year I love Cedar, Frankincense, sweet orange.

Cutting the cord ritual.

There are parts of the year we want to hold onto, but other parts we may want to let go of. I read of this ritual and have changed it slightly to help you move into 2024 free from lingering connection to this year gone.

  • Gather your string or chord.

  • Light 2 candles(safely)

  • wrap the chord or hemp yarn around the string.

  • In a small fireproof dish in the middle burn your paper where you've written down what you want to release.

  • As the candles burn think of the fire burning away the emotions, thoughts, troubles and any experiences.

  • Using a small sharp pair of scissors, cut the chord, you may want to do this with a big exhale, a whoop or howl!

  • Once all the items are cool, throw everything outside into the bin, the chord candles and paper.

  • Remember to keep a window agar to remove energy.

  • Have a bath, go for a walk or have a shower after the ritual to cleanse and feel refreshed.


Relationships and Bonds

Who would I be without my journey, my narrative and story? With compassion and wisdom, take a moment to reflect on your journey and possibly the journey of your ancestors and for a moment, if possible, free yourself from your narrative and see what images come to mind. Dream big, journal freely.

Reflect on the year past, journal on:

What moments you felt really at ease, your true self?

Where you felt undermined, tired or out of alignment?

People you spent your time with, did/do they fill you up?

Hard Moments.

Joyful Moments.

Balance: how was work-life balance? were you having fun? creating, exploring, resting, laughing, exercising, dreaming.

From this journalling, look forwards to 2024, journal freely on what you'd like to call in or do more of, keep your child self close, what activities could you do that are really fun, creative and freeing.

Safety and comfort.

We all know how times are tough in the UK(and the world). Journal on ways you can keep yourself safe and secure. This can be practical, working on saving or managing money, this last year I've done more work on my relationship with money and I've read more on minimalism. But also physically/mentally, can you meditate more, and keep fit and healthy so there is security in your body and mind. Nurture your home, rather than looking to the next thing, what can you do to make your home special? organise, tidy, create a special space for you?


Give thanks, for the year you've been gifted, for the struggles, for the joy, for the darkness and for the light. life isn't perfect, but yet, it is still a blessing. Take a moment with yourself and say thank you to the powers that be, to mother nature for providing.


Finally, I want to offer the final part of my last blog of the year. Is how you can give back in 2024. The world is a hard place, and so much needs to change, in traditional teachings, our yoga journey is not just for us, we focus on how we can be of service. So while we are still actively healing, working on ourselves, I wanted to offer. How can you give back. Could you volunteer? Sign petitions? Donate, even a small amount, skip the coffee out and donate to a life-changing cause. I know life is tough, but we, the enlightened, need to step up and speak out, we have to make the change we want to see.

THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE, thank you thank you thank you.

See you all in 2024.

Much love, Josephine x

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