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Oh the wellness industry, it loves to pull you in by thinking you are not enough, you've had a break, so therefore you need to do more this January!

And of course, part of me subscribes to this. I am feeling rather lethargic due to many factors(late nights, chocolates, driving around the UK to see family etc etc). I can feel by body calling for routine, exercise and broccoli!

I'm also rather anxious, my practice has been fracture and scattered, there for I am too.

It's also quite exciting starting a New Year, being able to turn the page, like buying a new diary. That moment where your pen is poised at the top of a clear bright page.

I found myself thinking about expectations, pressure to have a better year, be MORE. I am looking forward to a fresh start, but I also know it's going to be a year of change, I have aspirations, dreams and also quite big things I want to make happen.

2023 held so much for me; growth, loss, huge challenges, grief, tears, joy, laughter, love, celebration, frustration, new lessons, and some painful old ones returning again. I was tested, I saw truth and at other times was overwhelmed and lost. And, let's be honest, 2024 will probably be that too. Moments of wonder, moments of exasperation. If we are 'awake' we will always be open to the full spectrum that is being human.

I shared on the full moon, a ritual of cutting the cord. I enjoyed this moment I had to myself, among the busy-ness. It allowed me to reflect and really let go, I felt cleansed and calm. I wanted to focus on 2024, all the dreams I hold in my heart and my head. But I also want to hold tight, to how I want to FEEL.

If I get caught up in achieving, I can loose myself. If there's a feeling it's easier to stay on course and on track.

So what feeling could you call in for 2024?

For me, there are a few. I'll share, as that's what I do here.

  • Calm/Consistence

  • Wonder

  • Respect

  • Connection

  • Growth/Learn

  • Love

  • Peace

  • Joy

Being able to connect to these feelings, help us take small actions to enable them. It can pause or reduce the achieving or anxiety we might have. So for me, Wonder = swimming in the sea while the sun sets. Or, Joy = Dancing my heart out in class or by myself. Also, Growth = sitting with the discomfort, or challenging myself, to learn, to try something new. Calm = regular practice, therapy, soundbaths, walks, family, reading etc

So, this year, I invite you into the space with me again. Not because you're not enough, or you need to achieve 100 new things. But because you deserve to feel well, to sleep better, to connect to love and embrace Joy. I'd love to see you.

Happy New year. x

We are back in Greece this year.

I have 2 spaces in May and 2 spaces in October.

This is a magical time away, we encourage quiet reflection, a sober week away from your phone.

Beautiful food, deep healing practices, circles, ceremonies, Soundbaths, meditation, yoga, sea swims, mandala making, sharing, connecting. laughing and growing.

Pick a sound practice that is right for you.

Attending a vibrant bigger group soundbath or step into the space in a smaller group for a ceremony.

This year music and sound will continue to guide us home.

I am running small bespoke yoga classes from the home studio, our community is kind, warm, welcoming and smaller than the more commercial classes.

Every practice is different, and can bring you so much peace, health and fitness.

Whether you're losing sleep from anxiety, the menopause or lack of movement. I offer a number of things that help with sleep.

Soundbaths encourage deep and restorative sleep, Yoga and breath work resets the nervous system and calms the mind.

I am also launching a sleep and stress saviour programme this year, an online portal to help you feel amazing.

Whether it's a 1-2-1 healing session or a private event. I take time to create a magical, compassionate and deeply healing space for you.

Clients come in tense and over whelmed. They leave softer, possibly having shed a tear, they feel their hearts and true selves once again.

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