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A private sound healing is a deeper experience than a group, Josephine works specifically with you as an individual, your energy, for example what's stuck, what needs healing and where to create space.

Josephine incorporate immersive sounds with hands on healing of the bowls and tuning forks.

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Sleep

  • Alleviate physical tension and pain

  • Deepen spiritual and emotional connection

  • Synchronise brainwaves

  • Relieve Anxiety

  • Improve Spiritual Connection

  • Ancestral healing

  • Trauma and PTSD healing

  • Improve Long Covid Symptoms

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • ASMR, tingling and feeling good

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Improve Listening ability

  • Harness the power of music and sound

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If you want to improve your yoga practice, possibly try more advanced postures, or look for alinement and adjustment, a 1-2-1 can be hugely beneficial. You can talk to Josephine before the session to curate a special hour just for you. Maybe combine Hatha with Yin, Vinyasa with Restorative, or a longer meditation and Pranayama practice. 


  • Alleviate physical tension and pain

  • Deepen spiritual and emotional connection

  • Improve Balance

  • Work with specific injuries or weaknesses

  • Improve Spiritual Connection

  • Mindfulness and breath work specifically curated for you

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Space to think and less reactionary

  • Calmer approach to life's struggles


I cannot recommend Josephine and her incredible Sound Bath meditative treatment highly enough. Very difficult to put into words really but I absolutely loved it on every level a deeply relaxing, profound and moving experience. Please do not hesitate to try this. It is powerful, deeply relaxing and Josephine is absolutely wonderful and

talented and I well I cannot wait to book in again.

Thank you Josephine.

- Helen

Private Sound Healing Session

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