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LIKE THE TIDES | Reflections On Grief

I have pondered on the idea that every emotion can be found in nature

From the rustle of a tree to the mystical call of an owl

You will feel these moments, somewhere within

Grief, I realise, is no different

I have found comfort in the knowing that grief is like the tides

Sometimes high on the shore, full, unavoidable, and surrounding

Othertimes, like the low tide, 

Far away, a vast expanse, quiet, small, with a mysterious distance

Perhaps, what I mean is.

Grief is water. It is ever-changing, shifting and it will always be there, 

We, the holder of the love and the absence

Have the rivers, lakes and seas within us

The roar, the power, the surging of an ocean.

To the still, quiet, placid glass-like pond.

Following the flow, bubble, light and magic of the stream.

To diving into it’s greatest depths, places we can’t imagine

The light foam that lifts and floats from a bright turquoise wave

To the pouring of a waterfall, dropping from the green heavens.

Take comfort in nature, find solace on a shore line.

Trust in change, but know that the love you shared will always be there. 

Just like nature. Just like the waters. Never ending. But always moving.


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