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Please take a moment to read the information below after you private Sound Healing.

  • If you feel ungrounded at the end of a sound healing session try to eat or drink something.  Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery after the treatment if you are feeling ungrounded.

  • Following the sound healing session it’s best to take it easy, rest, relax, go for a walk and avoid stressful situations.

  • Please be mindful of what you eat and drink over the next 24 hours, try to choose nourishing, calming foods and herbal teas.

  • Drink Plenty of water. 

  • You may notice that some symptoms get more pronounced after a sound healing, if you feel unsure, please call me, if anything is concerning you, reach out to your GP. There are no recognised side affects that can happen from a Soundbath.

  • I will be suggesting meditations, chants and recordings for after your session, to keep nourishing the areas where you needed some care. 

  • It is advised that you book regular sound healings, once every 2-5 weeks to see noticeable improvements and a deeper healing experience. 

Thank you so much for stepping into the space with me, any questions please email:

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