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Updated: Jun 23

This recording was taken from our live online charity event. A gentle suggestion to donate what you can to one of the suggested charities, if you choose to listen.

I'll share my experience, as best I can. I believe in love, light, connection and peace. However, I am not someone from the well-being world who will sit quietly. So, it might not be for everyone.

The world is changing, some huge things are happening, Gaza being unprecedented.

So, I sat quietly before holding space yesterday... what to say, how to say it. I am no expert, but I want to help facilitate and support those of us who want to fight the fight, use their voice... so, I thought of energy.

The sadness, grief, frustration, fear, terror and anxiety of the current situation. I shared with the group the idea, of noticing how you feel, when you witness what is happening in the world. Where do you feel it in your body?

Your heart... chest... throat... jaw.. shoulders... stomach... So I wanted to wipe the slate clean, BUT gather those physical sensations(energy) and use the energy, the emotions we feel, for good. Galvanize our reaction, to action.

So, this meditation was designed specifically to help you check in, rest deeply, clear space, and create a profound connection to the heart.

Taking the power back and spreading that energy out, bringing your bravery, energy and courage forwards, into the world.

As I've said before, we can't fight, push and be brave when we are depleted, broken and frozen.

If you can find some time for yourself, I urge you to listen, to let yourself rest. The world is going to need us, the brave ones, the ones who love, who can't bear to just sit back and let things happen.

Yes, we all have our own struggles, stressed, griefs, losses, but zoom out. We are all connected, we are one.

I'm sorry this isn't a light-hearted blog post about the moon, you know I do those too... but I will keep on using my voice. I will keep on trying to help.

Write to your MP here

Using this cover letter here


Donate a sim card here

Find out more about the people being affected

Talko to your friends and family. Connect.

Keep loving, keep being brave

Keep healing

Some helpful links to guide in what you can do:

Suggested charities are:

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