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Organic Sage, Lavender and rosemary smudge stick from the Greek countryside. Bowl blessed and ready to clear your space, or use as a meditation tool.


Ideas for use:


Find a quiet space

Sit quietly and focus on your breath

Notice the space between your thoughts and ask for quiet and space

Notice the energy of (either) your space or yourself, where there is blocks, pain or tension. 

Light your sage carefully(I suggest using a large bowl that can catch any burnt leaves), and let it smoke rather than burn. 

You can use the sage around the body, as you repeated internally I clear the old, and welcome the new.

Or you can call in a specific intention, such as freedom, peace, love. 

But think clearly on clearing and making space for new energy.


If clearing your home, focus on door ways, frames, where you sleep, sit work. Go to the edges of the room. Say thank you for holding me, holding space, but ask genty to let go of old energy and welcome in love and light.


You can use the sage anywhere, or even after a particularly hard interaction, or if you've had people staying in your home.


Think of it as a clean slate.


This Greek sage is strong, it is energetically powerful. so You won't need to burn much and your stick should last a few months. 


Keep it someone dry and airy. 


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