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Imagine walking into a concert hall and seeing a full orchestra, you know that every musician and instrument plays a very specific role, following a very specific pattern of notes.

A soundbath uses the same principle, of harmony, tensions, suspension, rhythm, peace, journey and storytelling. But often the practitioner is playing intuitively. There is no sheet music or conductor.


An intention is set, which tends to guide the practice forward in a specific way.

A well-educated and practised sound healer, will intuitively be aware of how their clients are, through energy perception and awareness, meaning the session can have an ebb and flow that is specifically beneficial to the client. 

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Every sound healer has an instrument or collection of instruments of choice. 

Individual instruments produce different kinds of sounds, vibrations, in turn creating different feelings and sensations for the client. For example, the crystal bowls can create etherial tones, strong vibrations and release, but they can take practice, often if someone comes to a soundbath with a very busy mind, it is a practice to drop into a deeper meditative state.

The Gongs can feel powerful, emitting complex overtones, and deep strong vibrations. People often drop into a very deep relaxed state during a gong bath, where others find them quite strong and powerful, but it could be the client is being forced to be with their body and face emotions that have been buried for years.

The more we practice with sound, just like you would practice meditation, dance or a sport, the 'better' we get at it. As in the body and mind, can drop in quicker. We also forge a deeper connection with the instruments. 


Tibetan singing bowls have their origins in the Himalayan region and are believed to date back many centuries, but their history is shrouded in mystery as very little written information is available.

Tibetan singing bowls which have a particular combination of metals are so called because they originate from Tibet and when played they sing or create beautiful harmonic tones and overtones.

The Tibetan singing bowls should be seen as being universal instruments which when played their vibrations are symbolic of our devotion and surrender as multidimensional beings created by a universal Divine consciousness. The bowls themselves when played create a symphony of harmonics; they are deep and comforting and connected to the earth from which they came. The size and the thickness create the pitch, but the bowls do not have one single set note.

When using an electronic chromatic scale detecting device the notes can be seen moving from one note to another through changes in the bowls tones and overtones.

This shows the different harmonics that are created within the bowl itself as it is played. The notes can also change depending on which wand is used and there are a variety of wands available. The Tibetan bowl wands are usually made from wood and often have other materials attached to the wood.

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Crystal bowls are tuned, similar to the notes on a piano. They are clear and pure, they can entrain brainwaves and help synchronise brainwaves, producing a meditative theta state. When played gently and mindfully, beautiful harmonic patterns can arise, drawing on the subconscious to become more present, our thoughts and words grow quieter and we can hear, feel and see our truer meaning. It can take a little bit of practice and a few soundbaths before you truly experience the exceptional magic of the crystal bowls, if our thoughts are very loud, busy and present it can pull us away from relaxation. 

Quartz crystal singing bowls are produced by melting natural quartz crystals of exceptionally high purity silica (SiO2), which is the scientific term for quartz crystal. 

The original frosted quartz crystal singing bowls stem from the semiconductor industry and are used in the manufacturing process of computer chips. These original bowls have a frosted white appearance with a smooth glass-like texture to the inside of the bowl and a soft sandpaper texture to the outside of the bowl.Crystals consist of a single chemical compound, where one molecule is repeated throughout, forming a geometric internal structure. A crystal is defined by its internal structure, which directly influences its exterior form. The crystal is made up of atoms which have bonded together, creating regular repeating patterns. It is these patterns that create a crystal’s solid form with flat faces and arranged in precise geometry and called a crystal lattice. The physical body is composed of a liquid crystalline structure and therefore when working with crystals there is the profound possibility to create the same physical properties which creates changes and transformations in the organs, tissues, and cells as well as the circulatory, endocrine and metabolic systems.

As quartz has the ability to store, transform, amplify and focus energy, when working with quartz crystal singing bowls, they too have the same innate potential.

As the body also contains this potential, then the two combined together creates endless possibilities and potential, when using and working with the highest intention.


Gongs get right to the heart of it all. There is no running away from the truth the gongs want to show and bring to light. Gong baths can feel challenging, but josephien talks through how the breath can help us let go, also it’s important you feel safe, held and seen by the practitioner in order for transformation to take place. If you are high functioning, high anxiety and fing it hard to let go, gongs can be an essential part of the sound process, often I’ve seen many clients release and let go completely during a gong bath. Gongs create tones that are absolutely amazing. Gongs of whatever size get to the very heart of the client and allow deep seated emotional, mental, physical and psychological issues to be brought to the surface in a gently therapeutic way, allowing these issues to be seen from an impartial and non-judgemental viewpoint. When played slowly and gently, gongs create soothing and healing tones and overtones, which allow one to slip easily into the waves of vibrations linked with deep states of consciousness.

When gongs are played quickly and energetically, they create tones, which are lively, quickening and awakening whilst still allowing one to be in a state of deep contemplation and relaxation. When gongs are played with a strong firm hand, they can be booming and

overwhelming with sounds that lift the essence and get to the very heart and core of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, inter-relationships and blockages.

Gongs therefore are extremely adaptable and weave a sound web that is both divinely enchanting and physically earthly whilst manifesting deeply healing and transformational tones, which support and connect to the sounding of the spheres.


The history, science and art of gong making is believed to date back at least five thousand years and some believe to a much earlier period of ancient alchemy around 16000 BC.

Traditionally gongs are made by specialist families whose style, techniques and recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. Each gong making family is thought to incorporate their own unique design, symbols and metal quantities/combinations in order to create a sacred and distinctive instrument. Gong making stems back to four major centres of excellence including Burma, China, Annam and Java and there are thought to be many different shapes of gongs linked to these regions.

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Josephine has sung and used her voice since she was 4, having travelled all over the world performing, she is now harnessing her voice to help others heal. She doesn’t sing through out the whole Soundbath, believing that it can interrupt the theta state created through the bowls and gons. However, it is an emotionally transformative tool, often clients experience the biggest emotional release after she has used her voice with the bowls, accessing powerful mantras to bring about change and flow of chi/prana.

A mantra is a combination of sacred syllables that forms a nucleus of spiritual energy and serves as a magnet or lens to focus spiritual force.

Vocal toning and chanting mantras have been widely used in ancient cultures and are today integrated into many spiritual practices throughout the world. Mantras have been used for thousands of years as a tool for healing, transformation and to enter into altered states of consciousness. Many sages and masters throughout history have recognised mantras as having great power and potential.


Each unique person, regardless of the mantras’ innate meaning will have his or

her own individual experience. Taking part in a daily mantra practice is just as, if not more, important than an intellectual understanding of the translation of the

words of the mantra.

Tuning forks 


Tuning Fork Therapy is a very gentle, yet powerful modality to treat the body and mind and restore inner balance and health. It works with the nervous system, the tissues and the more subtle energies of the body. It is deeply relaxing and restoring and can offer long-term benefits.

Tuning forks play a big factor in sound therapy and have been around for hundreds of year and utilized by many different cultures. Tuning forks produce sounds at a given vibrational frequency. A tuning fork can be tuned with a frequency and vibration of a specific chakra point or hertz frequency in order to internally balance the body. Tuning forks can return the body back to an equilibrium by creating a "resonance" throughout our own vibrational frequencies which bring us back to harmony. Working with the nervous system, tissues and muscles, tuning forks can offer long-term relaxation benefits.

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