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It takes me a moment to catch my breath after coming back from Retreat.

However, this time I was reluctant to leave Greece to return home, I felt so connected to the land, the views, to the bird song and the fact I could feel myself with more clarity. I felt less reactionary, more present and just filled with love.

I am so grateful for the women who booked with me this May. After some challening moments of the last year, they all arrived with no agenda, just fully open to being held, trusting, supporting one another and with such courage, honesty and connection.

They in their own way, restored my faith in this healing journey and in love.

When my clients come together and they choose to trust and heal, magic happens.

In real-time, I see the muscles relax on these women's faces, softness is allowed back in, hearts fill, tears fall, and relief comes. Feelings are permitted to be present, yet held gently with compassion and great care.

This year, we've expanded and developed the retreat. The new ceremony area holds us in circle, to journal, share, and take part in our unique water of life ceremony. Every day and moment is create to help support the transformation, growth and healing of each person. Which was palpable this May.

As someone myself who is naturally rather socially anxious, I have to breathe and lean into the space of trust. In doing so, I found such beauty in the conversations, laughter and shared experience of each person. To create connection, we have to show up vulnerable, open and willing to listen and contribute. I loved each meal time, talking, laughing, story telling and eating such delicious food made by mum.

As I waved goodbye to my group, I did shed a tear. Having shared such special and sacred moments together.

The retreats are where I feel 100% myself as a healer, teacher, guide and founder. I can put all my focus and attention to those in front of me. I have built these retreats, so every moment, intention, class, sound healing, excursion, meal and choice is woven together. Like a song or story. The placement of these building blocks, supports your nervous system.

On a basic level, we are using a wide variety of skills, to help you de-stress, let your nervous system stabilise. Carry the to-do list for you. Help you reflect and call in what you truly deserve.

Even arriving back to the UK, I noticed how the energy here is different, fast, charged, fearful and frantic. The earth in Greece is different. Slower, safer, warmer and softer. Before we even begin on our retreat journey together, nature wraps us in her arms and tells us it's going to be ok.

So, how to bring Greece to the Uk, I asked myself... It's more or less impossible. However, I noticed I was moving more and outside more. Listening to the bird song, noticing the silence. The lack of distractions... often I would forget where my phone was, I wouldn't be listening to podcasts or music constantly. I read a lot. And was with other wonderful women and our conversations were really present, no distractions, no judgement, just open-hearted sharing.... So I'll try to bring these things into my life here, in Sussex.

Next year, we are running 3 retreats, I am moving forwards with hope, and trust. In August our retreat is mainly meditation and sound, so if yoga isn't your thing, then this retreat will be perfect for you. Later on this year, I'm training in mindfulness, so I'll be guiding from this space of self-awareness and presence.

If you want to come and experience this magic, why not book yourself a space? We only ask for a 20% deposit and payment plans are available.

I am taking myself away on retreat in June, I understand the trepidation, especially going away on your own. But I know, without risk there is no space for wonder. To retreat is the biggest gift to yourself, truly acknowledge your self-worth and let yourself be truly in this life, this gift we have been given, that flashes past so quickly.

Feel free to view our beautiful new website, will a full indepth breakdown od the retreats:

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