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Oh lordy! We are jumping over the middle of the year this month. How on earth did that happen.

Here are some helpful dates, ideas and intentions.

Plus my month podcast and special butterfly meditation, you can list free. On You Tube of Spotify.

Read on for some insight and intentions.

A Ritual:

Collect for the table or altar:

Vase of Oak Leaves

Wild flowers

Yellow & Green Candles

Bowl Of Strawberries

Colourful Ribbons

Green and colour

Keep your candles burning on Mid-summer eve's. The fire is precious and important. Light them on the 19th.

Sage cleanse or candle cleanse:

Sit in meditation, visualise yourself at your fullest expression. Burn away limiting beliefs will clearing the space with a sage stick or candle gaze using a flame. Let negative talk burn away and feel your heart full, your soul expand and the light of summer move through you.

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1 Comment

Thankyou I do enjoy receiving your posts. Just reading the meditation prompted me to breath deeply! My intentions are to love my little garden and feel settled as I welcome summer

Summer blessings to you too x

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