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At Echo, we aim to take care of your wellbeing, through a range of techniques and ancient teachings. 
Each retreat is a transformational experience, curated down to the smallest detail, to help you move through stagnant emotion and energy, connect deeply to yourself, rest, heal, feel joy, love and courage again. Everything is taken care of, you just have to let go and let yourself be held.



At Echo Josephine creates unforgettable
Yoga classes, 
Mini retreats & Sound Ceremonies

in Angering & Worthing.
 Yoga retreats in Greece,  to help you find true meaning and joy again.

She blends special practices of meditation, yoga, and soundbath healing to reduce stress levels and anxiety, releasing old stagnant energy and encouraging deeper, longer & better sleep.

Specialising in rebalancing energy,  resetting the nervous system, connecting you to your heart.
She calls on a deeply compassionate mindful practice, to aid and help your heal and feel more like yourself once again. Improving health, sleep, stress levels.


Helping hundreds of people to rest, de-stress
and reconnect with themselves. 

At Echo we aim to take care of your wellbeing, through a range of techniques and ancient teachings. From joining Echo you will:

+ Feel stronger in your body and mind
+ Regulate your nervous system
+ Sleep Better
+ Reduce Stress Levels
+ Clear energy
+ Make New Friends
+ Find new levels of relaxation
+ Heal past trauma and fear
+ Find hope, courage and joy
+ Get Support through Blog posts, videos, meditations and newsletters

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Josephine will guide you in a unique way, threading mindfulness, yogic teachings, Eastern philosophies, meditation techniques, plus using readings and poems, sound and magic to bring you classes like no other. 

She builds each class to support you from a deeper place of insight and knowledge.

Using the Chakra system, the 8 limbs of yoga and taking all levels and contraindications into consideration. You will find a deep connection with yourself, rebalancing the whole system and find profound inner calm and peace. 

+ Finding Freedom - flow yoga class, every Tuesday evening

+ Journey To Stillness - a signature bespoke gentle yoga class ever Tuesday evening

+ Yin Yoga featured in her nourishing Mini Retreats

+ Somatic inquiry and gentle movement featured in her nourishing Mini Retreats


Josephine’s classes are special because she is a real teacher (as opposed an instructor).  Not only is she notably clear in the physical details she outlines and demonstrates (in ways that speak to people’s different levels of yoga experience) but she also draws attention to yoga’s inner awareness, opening up something of yoga’s deeper, spiritual sensitivities. This is special.

- Ann

Retreat Guest

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Everything is energy, therefore everything created by Josephine at Echo is planned to support you clear, renew and transform. 

Our energetic body can get stagnant, blocked & hold our experiences. When we tap into practices, experiences and vibrations, using them to help remove blockages, tension and emotions. We can breathe new life into ourselves. Feeling lighter, clearer, healthier, more connected and hopeful. 

+ Private 1-2-1 Sound healing

+ Mini Retreats

+ Private Soundbaths

+ Group Soundbaths in Worthing

+ Soundbath Ceremonies in the Yurt,  Angmering 


After every session, my mood is always lifted which lasts for a few days. They made me feel calm and open which gives me more space to deal with difficult situations in my life, and as a result heal or let go of things that no longer serve me.

I've been attending Josephine's soundbaths regularly for the past 18 months. It's been a fantastic investment to my mental wellbeing. I always feel calm open and energised after each sessions which has helped me through my healing journey. Also the variety of sound she plays is always delightful.

- Lorraine

Sound Healing Client

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Ancient cultures, from Egypt to Tibetan employed voice and sound instruments to impact people’s bodies and minds in a healing fashion.

The overarching goal of sound therapy, sound healing, and sound bathing, is to use audible vibrations expressed as sound(gongs, bowls, drums etc) coupled with the practitioner’s as well as recipients’ intention, to assist the body in returning to a place of balance, ease and harmony. 


Sound has long been associated with alleviating emotional, physical, and mental discord.

Josephine has working with sound and music since she was 5 years old. Drawing on her intuitive abilities to heal and sense energy, she will guide you as an individual or a group to a deep place of rest, peace and harmony. 

+ Private 1-2-1 Sound healing

+ Mini Retreats

+ Private Soundbaths

+ Group Soundbaths in Worthing

+ Soundbath Ceremonies in the Yurt,  Angmering 


Each session is so unique and seems to answer just what I need in the moment. In my most recent session, I had powerful visions that inspired me to stretch myself and step into my personal power. It really ignited my confidence, just before an important interview. I always leave my sessions with such a lightness and sense of having connected with my source in a meaningful way.

- Sarah

Sound Healing Client

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Here are some helpful links, to take a look around our site, and find the perfect practice for you, Our community is strong and growing.

We aim to create connections, community and wonder. We hope to see you very soon.

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You can buy monthly memberships for 1-2-1 sound healing, or a single pass for a soundbath or yoga class. Yoga class bundles and much more...

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“It’s been absolutely incredible, magical, wholesome, emotional… The bonds and connections we’ve all made of the last few days have been amazing. Coming on retreat with Josephine is special, she’s magical, she’s got so many gifts, the way she holds the space… the way this whole retreat has been, just perfect”

- Emma

Retreat Client

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For thousands of years, we have called on healers, witches, tribe leaders, and women of the world for healing. Sound healing may seem like a new practice, but in fact, it is an ancient art form, used by many from the Egyptians to the Eskimos in Sussex and Worthing. The science of sound has only just started to be researched and invested in, we are at the tip of the iceberg.


Fascinating research is being shared, Sound not only entrains brainwaves but increases cellular healing, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the recovery process. The more you practice with sound the deeper the healing can be. Using rhythm, vibrations, chords, harmony, and sound patterns we can ease the client into a meditative state, free from thoughts, judgment, and fear, making it a profound experience akin to a yoga retreat.

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