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Helping hundreds of people to heal, de-stress and reconnect with themselves. 

At Echo Josephine creates unforgettable yoga classes, 1-2-1 bookings, events & retreats to help you find true meaning and joy again. 

She blends special practices of meditation, yoga and sound to reduce stress levels and anxiety, releasing old stagnant energy and encouraging deeper, longer & better sleep.

Specialising in trauma & grief she calls on a deeply compassionate mindful practice, to aid and help your heal and feel more like yourself once again.


"I find myself on this path of helping others heal, from a young age I was concerned about the welfare of others, and would pay close attention to how others were feeling. 

This has been a guiding light through my life, from working as a singer to help lift people through music, to guiding those in need of respite through yoga and sound. 

I am passionate about helping people heal, so they can live full lives, of joy, connection and meaning. 

I hope to create a community that alleviates loneliness, experiences that lift your heart and healing sessions that guide you back to a space of balance and health"



I write to share with you the belief that Josephine Warren is one of the best yoga teachers, Josephine’s classes are special because she is a real teacher (as opposed an instructor).  Not only is she notably clear in the physical details she outlines and demonstrates (in ways that speak to people’s different levels of yoga experience) but she also draws attention to yoga’s inner awareness, opening up something of yoga’s deeper, spiritual sensitivities. This is special.

- Ann

Yoga Client

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Featuring Incredible Soundbaths, Inspirational events, deeply healing private sound healing sessions, and bespoke retreats that help you find balance and enhance your life.

At Echo, Josephine creates a space that helps the client step out of the bustle of everyday life, and find a much-needed sense of calm - free from judgment and pressure.

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For thousands of years, we have called on healers, witches, tribe leaders, and women of the world for healing. Sound healing may seem like a new practice, but in fact, it is an ancient art form, used by many from the Egyptians to the Eskimos. The science of sound has only just started to be researched and invested in, we are at the tip of the iceberg.


Fascinating research is being shared, Sound not only entrains brainwaves but increases cellular healing, reduces inflammation and speeds up the recovery process. The more you practice with sound the deeper the healing can be. Using rhythm, vibrations, chords, harmony, and sound patterns we can ease the client into a meditative state, free from thoughts, judgment, and fear.


“It’s been absolutely incredible, magical, wholesome, emotional… The bonds and connections we’ve all made of the last few days have been amazing. Coming on retreat with Josephine is special, she’s magical, she’s got so many gifts, the way she holds the space… the way this whole retreat has been, just perfect”



Retreat Guest

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Blending the teachings of yoga with integral sound healing, focusing on exceptional experiences in magical places near or in nature.

At Echo, we aim to give people the tools they need to manage anxiety, improve mental health, relieve depression, and heal trauma. 

Josephine at Echo helps her clients step back into life with more connection to their bodies, hearts, nervous systems, and the other important people in their lives. She helps her clients become less reactive, more compassionate, and more buoyant.

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Want to give someone an extra special Gift?
Treat them to an experience that will stay with them for a long time, that leaves them feeling calm, restored and wonderful.

Buy a 1-2-1 Sound healing, via the website automatically.


Check out the Blog, Podcast, YouTube. 

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Take a little bit of Echo home with you. Aromatherapy can be a fantastic way to help us unwind, become present and de-stress.

All handmade by Josephine and all uniquely bowl blessed by Josephine using tibetan and crystal singing bowls.

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