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Please take a moment to read the information below and complete the booking form before attending your sound healing with Josephine. Thank you. 



The following people should consult their doctor before the first use of sound healing:

    •       People with carotid stenosis (prior to application in the area of the carotid artery/larynx)

    •       People with cardiac pacemakers, artificial heart valves, or cardiac arrhythmias

    •       People with a stent

    •       People with a shunt

    •       People with a deep brain stimulation device (DBS)

    •       People with epilepsy

    •       Pregnant women

please notify Josephine if you have:

    •       implants (or near implants until they have completely healed)

    •       screws

    •       artificial joints

    •       inflamed joints and veins

    •       the skin, in the case of inflammatory skin disorders

    •       weeping eczema

    •       diseased veins

    •       the stomach or back of a pregnant woman


Treatment should not commence until three days after injury at the earliest for:

    •       Whiplash


please tick if applies to you:
please share what you'd like to focus on:

Thanks for submitting!

Working with sound can be profound, from healing to finding more peace and calm.


+ Binaural beats, using tones that are close in frequency, but not the same, help to synchronize your brainwaves, thus encouraging a Theta state of brainwaves, this is the state you'll find yourself in during a deep meditation or on the cusp of sleep.

+​ Quantum Physics! We are using vibrations to move the whole of the physical form and baseline energy of the body, this promotes healing, rest, and a 'deep massage-like release. Our body holds everything, we don't often give ourselves time to process even day-to-day things, so the body holds on, it remembers. Sound healing can be exceptionally helpful for those who are suffering from depression, trauma, and grief. 

+ A few of the chosen instruments may encourage ASMR(A tingling all over the skin and head), scientist believe this is because the brain is telling the person they are cared for and safe.

+ Raising your vibration, ever walk into a room and you can FEEL the energy as heavy, perhaps the people, the words being said, the light levels or noise... then think, everyone, wandered into a 'light' place, perhaps the depths of nature, the cool sea, or maybe an outside concert? How it has impacted you. 'raising your vibration' is what we are doing in a Soundbath or healing. Untying knots, letting go of old feelings, beliefs, and energy. Resetting the whole system.

+ Spiritual connection. For those of us who come from a yoga background or believe beyond the physical realm Sound can be immense transformative, it can support ancestral healing, and allow deeper thoughts and ideas to emerge, it also tunes up the Chakra system, something I'm deeply passionate about. If you focus on the sound and let go of the physical world, profound healing and energy work can take place.

+ Neuroscience: Brainwaves. Which brainwaves are you likely to encourage during a session(if you focus on the sound and encourage the mind to get quiet, and yes, just like meditation, this might take practice!)

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