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FIND PROFOUND PEACE, BETTER SLEEP AND REDUCED STRESS. FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME.​ This is a unique platform, featuring specially crafted sound baths and sound journeys and song, to transport you to places of wonder, create joy and alleviate depression. This platform is designed to help you feel better, each programme is designed to give you a tool kit, so you can draw from the wide selections of videos to support you every day. Whether that's an invigorating yoga practice or a sleep-inspired yoga nidra meditation. What you'll get: Yoga videos of Hatha, Flow, Yin Full Soundbaths Frequency Healing Gong Baths Voice Healing Yoga Nidras and visualisations sleep support meditations pranayama and breathwork tutorials and educational videos Journalling tips and tools Monthly insights and online soundbaths live

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