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There are parts of being a yoga teacher, healer and sound facilitator that are hard to transfer into words.

However, I shall try on this rather gloomy Friday morning.

The more the business evolves; and regular clients step through the door, I think about the narratives of each life, the stories we have that surround us, memories, hopes, love, and disappointments. Even words that have been spoken to us unkindly or things we've been told.

How much do our thoughts and beliefs shape our existence? From the decisions we make, to how we communicate, to where we choose to live.

Through every spiritual practice, we get to live a bit further away from our thoughts. And if any of you are like me, the words that tumble through my head can be loud, sometimes unkind, and unhelpful.

I want to be honest. I have to work really REALLY hard to reframe my thoughts, certain narratives that trickle through my life have been hard to grasp and put a kinder more compassionate spin on them. You don't just start yoga one day and your neural pathways click into place, well, it's not how it works for me.

We live in a day and age of quick fixes, of opting for an app on our phone to help us exercise, or a timer to help us meditate. But what if that's not enough?

I practice every Thursday with a wonderful yoga teacher, at times when I have a lot to think about and worry is present, it can take me up to 40 minutes to quieten the voices in my head, the to-do lists, the what if's. And sometimes, it doesn't happen at all. But I've moved my body and found my breath.

The same goes for a Soundbath, I cannot put into words sometimes, how profound the healing of sound is. But it is also a practice, you have to treat it like a meditation, noticing thoughts and letting them go. But my goodness, when the voices quieten and the sound and vibration fill every cell of you. Wonderful things occur.

Hence the title of this blog.

To step into the realm of the subconscious and mystical. It's like a truth, a wonder and a discovery. Evolving the parts of ourselves we don't often get time to spend with, because our brains like to talk to us all. the. time.

A private sound healing can be a rather incredible experience, even more so when you commit to coming regularity.

The body gets heavy, warm, cool, fizzy, tingly and held. Tension literally moves through and away from the body as the mind is taken on a journey. Old images might flash by, the face of a distant aunt, or relative, and messages might be carried to you on the flight of sound. Swirling colours might fill your full vision.

Some of my most favourite moments have been clear bright flashes of truth, like an aha! When I step out of fear and worry, everything is clearer and sound provides this. I've seen myself nestled in the arms of an ancient oak tree, the branches rising up around me, where I see my past and future all in one. I've been a Viking on the front of a proud ship, screaming into the wind and rain. I've seen myself sitting quietly on a hillside, arms and mouth wide open will all my anger leaving my body in a stream of light and freedom.

This might sound mad. But is it? we think we know everything, us humans, wandering around this amazing planet. But there is so much we don't know, or perhaps we are afraid to know. The mysteries of life and this realm. Maybe, these moments in yoga class or a sound healing, are the truth, the unclear path free from reason, plans, achievements, thoughts and narratives.

But I know, deep within me, that here lies the gift of feeling better. I will never claim that these practices will cure or solve certain things. But I have been helped through some very very hard times by yoga, meditation and sound(AND community).

If you are interested in dancing with your amazing subconscious, why not treat yourself this summer with a 1-2-1 sound healing. You will go deeper and explore a lot more when you book a private session with me.




When you book a sound healing, via the button below, select the date you want, then enter the code at checkout.

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