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Echo Open Again.

Echo Yoga will re-open on May 17th!

Well, here we are again, who knew a yoga studio could have so many re-openings over such a short period of time!

It has been such a challenging time for us all, but it's important we take time to notice the positives, I do hope you've found plenty of silver linings dotted about over the past year or so.

Echo has changed a little, I think Covid has forced most small business owners to make some changes! Many with exciting outcomes!

At Echo 'Sound' has also become more of a key feature, with 1-2-1 sound healing sessions being an unique addition to the timetable, as well as the magical sound baths and restorative workshops.

We have changed, we no longer have reception, the room is bright, open and bigger. You can leave shoes and coats in the reception space, but our new lockers can hold your valuables safe and secure. We have safely spaced out all the mats and are following the same procedures we did last year, temperature checks, NHS check-in, masks in the studio, unless seated on your mat, social distancing where possible, and weekly covid-tests for our teachers. For full re-opening information please click here.

I know this period is a time of transition, some of you are ready to come back into the space, for others it might be in a few months time. We are longing to have you back, but of course understand you need to feel comfortable to practice with us. If you do need to ease into 'real life' we are running uplifting Outdoor yoga on Saturdays throughout Summer(selected dates, please check the timetable).

Our online membership will also be running, the same set up as before, live classes streamed directly to you alongside our in person timetable.

We are so ready to wrap you up in the safety and tranquility of Echo, helping you continue to feel better, fitter, calmer and with an abundance of mental clarity.

We can't wait to welcome you back.

Until then, see you on the virtual mat!


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