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I love how the moons and the seasons walk hand in hand.

Spring energy is rising, you may feel a lightness, a softening and opening.

Aries brings this energy with an Eclipse, so you might be called to attention, rather abruptly. You might be feeling a little untether, distracted and wafty. I know I am, so embrace the wonder but also do exercises to keep you grounded and secure.

There is a revelation during this period, but a need to sit in the darkness, you may need more sleep or feel a calling for quiet and meditation. Do not fear this or shy away from space of the unknown it's often where the answers lie.

This is also at the start of the lunar year, so you can harness this feeling of newness, turning the page. Maybe this month think about what needs to be cleansed and cleared.

Also, power and momentum, what is building, growing, pulling you forward... where is your intuition and consciousness asking for you to journey?


Some journalling prompts for you:

  • If you could make one with what would it be? Don't block yourself, let your imagination fly, go into details and try to make it interesting, rather than "win the lottery", think of the calling of the heart.

  • Do you feel connected? How are your relationships, do you feel grounded, secure, steady and focused?

  • How is your heart, what parts might need your attention and compassion?

  • How can you grab a moment of contrastive rest?

  • What needs to be cleared and cleansed from your mind, body and energy...



I have had 1 space open up for my Greek retreat this May, and 3 spaces in October. 

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