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Updated: May 4, 2021

START 2021 THE BEST WAY Use this time to dig deep, set attainable goals and grow in body and mind with a regular yoga practice. We start the New Year with hope, but many are in isolation. Having a regular practice can help you stay connected, keep endorphins lifted and anxiety at bay. When community and human contact seems fleeting, log on and say hello to your fellow yogis via Zoom, to know that you are all practicing at the same time, collectively, can be hugely inspiring and mentally healing.

Join Echo Yoga Online.

  • 15 Live streamed classes a week

  • Access to our video database, over 150 videos available and updated weekly.

  • Highest quality video and audio technology.

  • All classes beamed to you from the studio, making you have a little bit of Echo at home.

  • Practice with some of the most inspiring teachers Sussex has to offer.

  • Expand your practice with pranayama (breath-work) and inspiring meditation classes.

  • Join our community and get special access to webinars, asana tutorials and wellness advice.

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