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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

I wanted to invite you to take a moment to pause, where-ever you are as you read this.

Feel your feet on the earth and take a deep breath. Place a hand on your heart and stop for this moment, for you.

What can you leave behind that does not belong in the second part of the year, an old story, an event, or even perhaps a way of being that doesn't serve your truth.

In this moment with this restoring breath, see yourself in the second part of the year. How do you want to FEEL(not achieve or be better, or be fixed). See your face, clearly, perhaps with a big smile, a moment of laughter or joy. Your image might be different to this example, but I encourage you to aspire towards what you truly deserve.

The Summer Solstice always feels like an important mile stone, and a good time to check in. For me, this year has felt a bit frantic, I've been wrestling an underlying anxiety as the world gets even more fuelled by external fear. It has me asking myself to dig deep, trust in myself and this journey, my calling to heal, help, to keep my faith in my clients and community.

How are you this summer? Is the buzz and heat of summer fuelling worry or the things that you're passionate about? How can you step through this bright long day and into the next half of the year with calm and trust.

Here are some tips for Tuesday.

🌿 Set your alarm a little earlier. Enjoy this extra time outside, maybe get yourself into nature; walk, swim, sit and reflect. If you're truly an early bird maybe catch the sunrise, to be the witness to the fullness of this summers' day.

🌿 Do a ritual that makes you feel alive, vibrant but also grounded, the summer energy can make us feel a bit frantic, zingy, buzzy(I'm trying to refrain from using the word stressed, as I feel it isn't the most helpful descriptive word, but you get my drift). So, do an activity that brings you back into your body, away from the mind and the to-do list.

🌿 Journal: 1) focus on a list of what to release and let go of, maybe even burn this list as the sun sets in the evening(safely please people, no singed eyebrows for your summer holiday!). 2) write a stream of consciousness, getting out what needs to be said, or released. What can you burn away that doesn't feel good(you can burn this too if you've got the tools and space!). 3) what do you want to call in, that you can nurture at this full and vibrant time of year, how do you want to move through the second part of the year, maybe you have some specific goals or dreams you want to focus on.

🌿 Make a few summer promises to yourself, drawn on compassion, kindness and love for yourself and those closest to you. (For me, the word nurture keeps on coming back time and again)

I wish you bright blessings, full of energy and light to be shone on what truly needs to be seen.

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