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ARE YOU BUSY BEING 'ON'? Mindfulness & profound compassion and nurture.

I shared a lovely moment with a client today after our afternoon retreat in the Yurt.

We talked about something I had said during the session:

'This afternoon you do not have to be 'on', achieving, holding, playing a role, smiling, fixing, improving, feeling etc'

Sometimes, when we gift ourselves a moment to rest and be held, it is such a precious thing that we enter into the space, even subconsciously, with an element of achieving. For if I rest "well" therefor I've achieved what I needed from this event, this rare, special moment I've gifted myself, has been worthwhile. I am doing things correctly, phew!

compassionate mindfulness stress and anxiety relief
Retreat With Josephine

But also, this idea of letting go. We say it so much in the wellness industry and around soundbaths, I say it all the time. However, I myself, am someone who struggles to let go. My thoughts swirl around me, sometimes loud and fast and it can take me a while when I attend an event or a healing session, to switch off. If, when we come to a retreat or class or healing, we end up having a tug of war with ourselves it can be painful.

So. I try to bring compassion, and permission to my clients(Mainly women). To let themselves turn off. They do not have to be good. Smile. Be friendly. They do not have to practice any part of the session perfectly. They just are. However they are, and with this gift of permission, there is often a deep realisation of the holding. Not just in everyday life, but when we take time out. There is a pressure or a role that we are performing.

And yes, for many women the pressure to be a certain way can be exhausting. Being good, patient, kind, warm, friendly, but not too friendly. Being fit, healthy, a perfect partner, a wonderful mother. Great at our jobs, with a to-do list longer than our arm that we can achieve flawlessly while sipping a mushroom smoothie, and holding a backbend in very beautiful expensive pair of leggings. PHEW... that list could go on and on too...


nature, tara brach, mindfulness
Retreat With Josephine

Tara Brach is one of my favourite teachers. She calls on mindfulness but with an added depth of profound compassion and nurture. I have learnt a lot from her and continue to do so. I call on her teachings and the ancient yogic meditation teachings. I try to create a balance of being the witness to the parts of ourselves that do cause us harm, habits, thoughts, patterns, holding on and blocked energy. But with an added breath of being able to ungrip and just be.

Often in this space, of deep compassion and just being, can we heal. Emotions might come up, or sleep might draw us in.

Everything is energy, and if we are holding on for dear life, there is a sharpness, a block, and an edge. Energy is flow, like the water, sound and air. We sometimes don't want to see or feel what is in this flow, but to heal and come out the other side. We have to let the whole human experience move through us. All of it. The wonder. The love. The pain. The sorrow. The Joy. The awe.

I'm so grateful to those of you who show up and practice with me, and those who continue to show up for yourselves. Building a connection and relationship with you, through these beautiful practices means so much.


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